Your last meal???

  1. What would it be????

    *Faux sushi (actually tempura shrimp rolled in rice paper...I won't eat anything raw)
    *California Pizza Kitchen (pepperoni pizza)
    *Bread Pudding (no raisins)
    *Rasberry souffle
  2. Pasta with olive oil and cheese, cooked ham.
  3. Various types of sushi and sashimi with a bunch of girlfriends!
  4. Appetizer: Fried zucchini with spicy dipping sauce

    Entree:Macaroni and Cheese, Fried Okra, Stewed Tomatoes.

    Dessert: Petite Fores (Sp?)

    Alchoholic Drink: Pina Colada

    After eating all of that I would pretty much want to die! LOL

  5. Very lightly seared ahi tuna
    Salad with lots of avocado in it
    A nice Gewurtztrimeiner (SP?)
    The valrhona chocolate ice cream I had once and could never find again
    Suchard Praline Intense chocolate
  6. This.....with a nice Chianti and some fava beans. FTH FTH FTH FTH FTH FTH!!!!
  7. Firstly, aplogies. Secondly, I wanted to beat Selena to it! Thirdly, that will be the one and only time I post the poop picture. Finally, again, I'm sorry.
  8. App....would be a nice spicy cueso dip (mexican cheese dip)

    Then 2 shrimp enchiladas...and a ground beef taco with lettuce tomato, cheese and onion
    with refried beans

    4 BIG FAT HUGE glasses of wine...(well ok maybe just 2 bottles if its my last hoorah..) Preferbly OPUS one...

    for desert...a frozen mudslide...
    Then I would be ready...take me....:blink:

    Oh and if there was time and I had room...some peanut butter and chocolate ice cream with nuts on top. NOW IM
  9. I changed my mind!! I'm having what shes having!! YUM!!:yes:
  10. Mine would be lobster, sushi, plus anything from a Japanese steakhouse.
  11. Cobb Salad.
  12. Ah hell.... seeing that it would be my last meal, I would splurge on everything I am allergic to and miss. My appetizer... mozarealla sticks, spicy bean and sausage soup, fresh hot bread, 5 or 6 mojitos. Then for dinner, I would like a delectable steak, with creamy mashed potatoes & gravy and vegetables, and finish that off with some oven baked macaroni and cheese. Dessert... ICE CREAM pie, ice cream sundae, anything with lots of ice cream and a warm cake or brownie on the side...

    Then take me away. Actually after eating all that stuff I am allergic to... that might be my death. yikes.
  13. A large cheese plate with every cheese except Limberger, 3 fresh lobster tails, 1/4 fresh crab legs and 2 bottles of the finest wine imported form France.
  14. chocolate chocolate chocolate and a side of chocolate!
  15. cereal bar and juice