~*Your LAST meal.....*~

  1. So, if you were "fortunate" enough to know when your last meal was going to occur what would want to have? People tend to be so interested in knowing what inmates order before they are executed, so I was just contemplating what I would want! Of course I came up with like two weeks worth of meals, and have yet to narrow it down!!

    How about you?
  2. My first thought was this weird casserole my mom makes and then flourless chocolate cake for dessert :confused1:

    But then I started analyzing, and I came to the conclusion that I would probably be too nervous/stressed/upset to eat. I am the opposite of an emotional eater. Everytime I go through something difficult I lose a ton of weight, because I get physically unable to eat :sad:
  3. Aww Claire!! I usually get quite ill with nerves and it does a number on my stomach. I've had way too many ulcers and a hernia! But, totally think I could "stomach" my last meal or two........!
  4. This is kinda depressing to think about. lol. But it's very simple for me: Cheesburger and fries.
  5. My mom's cooking mostly :biggrin: kare kare, afritada, lumpia, pancit and Cebu's Lechon :biggrin:
  6. I'd go to Paris & eat like a pig. In fact I would probably die before what I thought was my time of a butter & suger induced heart attack. But what a way to go!
  7. Ooh thats hard! Well...first I wouldnt eat anything for a day and then I probably would go to paris and visit all the restaurantsto eat everything I enjoy which would include ice cream, pasteries, lobster, steak, nutella (totally obsessed), and anything else. I would totally stuff myself!
  8. Macaroni and cheese, fried okra, stewed tomatoes, pecan pie and a huge bottle of Reisling wine.
  9. loaves of my mom's homeade english muffin bread... hot out of the over dripping in butter... super cheesy grilled cheese sandwiches... ok, stopping there:drool:
  10. Simple pimple......I would feast on fried deer steak, mac-n-cheese, fried okra, mashed taters, biscuits, gravy, dressing, peach cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream, and top it off with a Diet Dr Pepper (you know, to save on calories). Maybe couple of slices of pizza, too. Oh, and a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart.....with milk.
  11. small chicken ceaser salad, garlic bread w/h cheese, egg fried rice, duck n pancakes, prawn crackers, kung po style prawns, veg korma with a peshwari naan, veg spring rolls, wimpy quarter pounder with chips, big bottle of pepsi max, burger king whopper YUM!
  12. Appetizer:
    The oysters in lemongrass infused sauce at Restaurant Daniel
    Wine: A Sancerre

    Main course:
    Filet mignon, rare, with sauce Perigord
    Garlic mashed potatos
    Steamed vegetables
    Wine: a nice cabernet sauvignon

    Fondant au chocolate
    Wine: a Sauterne
  13. Sometimes I wonder if I was on death row what my last meal would be, and I never can decide. The fact of the matter is I'm one of those people that can never decide what to eat. It all depends on what mood I'm in and even then I have trouble deciding. So who knows!
  14. Zophie, I'm the same way! I'll decide what I want for dinner in the morning, then go to the store and buy all the ingrediants. And when dinner time rolls around I'm no longer in the mood for it. I can never decide what I want or which restaurant to go to!! It seems like it would be so easy to decide!
  15. Fois Gras