Your last convo with 866

  1. Hey guys just wondering what was your last conversation with 866 who did u speak to (i call so much i like remember all of them) what was the issue or if u ordered something w/e

    My last one was yesterday with carrie i called about the keepall to see if they had any in the minature monogram but she said thay had no more in stock this one here
  2. i had called to ask about the inventory of the Houston Galleria boutique regarding the Sienna Suhali accessories. I think the rep was Shavone?
  3. question - if you order from 866 instead of elux do you pay tax?
  4. I spoke to Shavone the other day; I placed an order over two weeks ago for the pm inclusion bracelet (gm was too big for me), as well as the fleurs scarf in red. Fed Ex lost my package!! It was coming from a store in Atlanta. They are in the process of filing a claim and resending me my order.
  5. I think it depends on where you live. I had to pay tax on my last purchases.
  6. I believe the person I spoke with was Jennifer. She was great I ordered the Klara and a mono check book cover. She called me back and said they had problems finding the check book cover - it seems like she said were discontinuing it but I could be wrong - anyway she suggested the horizontal organizer instead. It was less expensive and I absolutely love it.
  7. I last spoke with Jill, and I was inquiring about the Teddy Bear Pins I ended up getting. She was very helpful.
  8. Oops, actually it was the pocket agenda that was suggested and that I have. It has 3 credit card slots and a large compartment. I like it because with other check book covers I've had they don't seem to close all the way when I have a new book of checks and the check register in it. This one has room to spare.
  9. I acutally just got of the phone with them and ordered the full catalog with the permanent lines. I also put in a request to order the pochette marais (the cosmetics pouch that comes with the damier bucket) from the san francisco store. they usually don't sell the pochette marais separately, i guess it's a special order. they were super helpful and nice!
  10. I just got one of these in the Mandarin Epi - love love love it!:love:
  11. I spoke with Jennifer about putting me on the list for the Damier Azur Noe..but now i heard that it has vachetta and i am not sure how i feel about a patina on the azur line
  12. I spoke to someone named Harriet yesterday. At least I think her name was Harriet. She spoke sooooo quietly. I could barely hear her. I kept saying, "I'm sorry?..what was that again?". She said I could place my order with her, but when I found the item was at Laurence's store, I decided to call in myself hoping to order directly from him. All in all, it was an ok call. She wasn't super friendly like all the other reps I've spoken to, but she wasn't rude at all...just very very very quiet. lol.
  13. omg that keepall is so nice
  14. i noe to bad they dont have anymore
  15. I last called to find out what stock was left in peppermint vernis. The girl I talked to was very nice, I can't remember her name though.