Your laptop bag?

  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm looking for a laptop bag. The problem is, I have a fairly large laptop. I think it's like a 17" screen!

    What laptop bag do you use? And can anyone recommend some sites for laptop bags?

  2. what is the measurement of your laptop ?
  3. I did a quick google search and found but I don't know about their quality, etc.
  4. Do you have a Mac? If so then =) They have great cases for very reasonable prices.
  5. I have a Compaq Presario V4000, 17" screen!
  6. Tumi!!!
  7. Hi IntlSet, as usual, this isn't my laptop bag but ... this site has some stylish laptop bags. Is this bag big enough?

    Edit: Oops - just took a good look at the dimensions of the laptop compartment - not big enough.
  8. Hi passerby!

    Thanks anyway! I don't see a lot of bags that fit a 17" laptop screen. Booooo!
  9. I love my Santa Cruz Digital Styles laptop bag. Their bags are intended for Macs, but since they make one that fits a 17" powerbook maybe it'll fit your 17" presario?
    I also have a Lodis briefcase-style laptop bag that is very nice, but if I hadn't gotten it for half off I don't know if I would have bought it.
  10. I've gone through a lot of laptop bags over the years and I think Tumi is the best. It's a little expensive but it's really durable and lasts.
  11. Mobile Edge has some nice, stylish ones.