Your kids-a surprise or planned?

  1. <<<----- I have 2 boys-the older one, 18, was a surprise. The younger one, 5, was planned (yes, 13 years later-we planned another one-we are weird that way)
  2. I don't have kids of my own, but I will say I never PLANNED to be raising someone else's, that's for sure!! :P My husband's youngest was in kindergarten when I met her Dad. Life takes you down some interesting roads that you don't expect. If someone would have told me that I would be a stepmom to two girls (now ages 17 and 20 :love: ) I probably would not have believed it!
  3. Suprise! I wasn't supposed to be able to have children. 2 girls 19 and 15 arrived several years after we were married.
  4. #1 planned, planned, planned, and finally scientifically assissted. # 2- was "What do you mean I'm pregnant 5 months after delivering?!?!?!?" so aka Surprise!!!
  5. It's so funny to see this thread right now b/c I just got off the phone w/ one of my best friends who just found out that she is pregnant -- VERY unplanned!! She is 37 years old and had recently broken up with her fiance of two years. She then started seeing a former boyfriend about three months ago...and now, they are having a kid!! She already has two teenagers from a previous marraige.

    Anyway, she's totally reeling from this news, but not as much as I would be. I guess she's a little excited...

    PS. hearing this news and reading the above post on "I'm so angry...." have been terrific reminders for me to take that bc pill each and EVERY day, lol.
  6. Never did I think would it be hard in conceiving because, at the time, my friends and sis-in-laws were just popping them out. Mine had to be planned though because after experiencing a few miscarriages, I nearly gave up. I'm glad I didn't though-I finally have a son and daughter ;)
  7. Both were surprises!!
  8. I have 3 children, the first two were completely planned...the 3d, wasn't planned but we knew exactly when it happened & that it probably would happen & indeed it did happen! :smile:
  9. I have three beautiful children and they were all planned. But if I get pregnant again, it will definitely be a surprise!
  10. I have a daughter and she was planned.
  11. both my kids weren't planned and it's great! i love surprises.
  12. I have a 10 month old son and a 4 year old girl, both UNPLANNED!!! Isn't it ironic that people that are trying not to get pregnant, end up pregnant and the people that are trying to get pregnant don't!
  13. So planned. I kind of don't understand "surprises" since I was like Fort Knox when I didn't want to get pregnant.
  14. Both my boys were very planned. :heart:
  15. Our One Son Was Planned.