Your Kechain..on your keys or on your bag?

  1. I had a thought about using my keychain on my bag and then got into my whole matching issue. I am thinking this will be strictly for my keys. But then people can't spot it!

    Anyone else having issues with this?

    I know, people with real problems right:rolleyes: :sweatdrop:
  2. I put mine on my bag! I say, as long as it is the same brand (LV with LV, Prada with Prada, etc.) it matches!!
  3. both! depending on the bag and my mood! and whether i am carryinga bag. im all about it!
  4. Depends on the bag, if it has a lot of clashing hardware or is lambskin[or any delicate material], then keychains-cles' go inside.
  5. I put my keys out side of the cles.
  6. Are you talking about tinks keychain or an lv keychain?
  7. when i got my jack and lucie i put on the outside of my bag for about a week and then i get sick of it and now my keys are on it inside the bag, but you can still get them out and flash them around. :roflmfao: i think they look good as bag charms but i was paranoid about getting my azur dirty with them somehow. dont ask...
  8. If you are taking about Tink's keychain, I am most definitely going to sport it on the outside of my speedy! I can't wait!!
  9. My keys are housed in my Pomme multicles. I have two LV keychains: a frambouse speedy inclusion and a gold glitter key holder (disco ball). I put these on my bags for decoration.
  10. I've used them mainly for decorations. Lord know I have enough junk on my keychain.
  11. Lol my keys are on a 4 key holder...soooo, I put the keychains on my bags.
  12. I put it on my bag and I use the 4-Key Holder for my keys!! :smile:
  13. I carry the biggest wad of keys & cheapy keychains people bring me from their vacations. My LV keychains are used only as purse charms.
  14. Mine is on my keys but only use it when I go to school, which is three days out of the week.
  15. I use one for my keys and I leave the others on certain bags because I have clumsy fingers and can't seem to get them off!:shrugs: