Your input is requested! In search of..........

May 6, 2007
something small and special but useful. I am looking for a small bag that can be fun, maybe a bit dressy and a little out of my comfort zone (thus the emphasis on small:smile:). Now--what I want I may have to look for second hand or request a search. I am thinking a 23cm Constance, a 31 Bolide, a Plume, possibly a small kelly in a fun color. Unfortunately a Constance appears harder to get than a birkin these days so probably cross that one off. Plumes dont seem to be made anymore so maybe second hand?? I would love box leather or goat or something slightly dressy. I dont want a clutch or an exotic. I know I know:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: this is probably futile!


Make It Work
Nov 4, 2006
I know you said no exotics but I haven't seen in a pic of Roulis in any other skin.

It would be TDF in black lizard too (whoops no exotics :P)

An SA would probably be thrilled to hunt one down for you. They always love to move the new styles.