Your input is needed! LOOK over my pix list and let me know what I NEED to buy next!

  1. I want to make my LV shopping list for the remainder of '07 and need your help. Please look over my LV handbag collection and tell me what I need :graucho:. Thanks!
  2. I think you should buy whatever YOU love - that way you will wear it with love and not just have it sit in ur closet:smile:
  3. Maybe a luggage piece if you plan to do any travel...
  4. I pretty much love all LV. I am striving for a balanced collection. Suggestions, please!
  5. Okay, how about: Denim Neo Cabby, Saleya (Azur or Ebene), A vernis Wallet (thinking Pomme Zippy), and if you can swing it something in Suhali.

  6. Ok, I think you need a wallet, some small accessories, you need some pomme vernis, some scarves, some denim, some suhali, some luggage and a little more damier.:upsidedown:

    I got carried away there, seriously, you have a beautiful collection!
  7. You need something Epi! :biggrin:
  8. I am all over the Beverly Clutch. That is what I would buy if I had the money.

    A suggestion- I got the Illovo GM. I had the PM and exchanged it for the larger one and I am so glad I did.

    Show us what you bought!
  9. Hmmm...the first thing that popped out at me was a speedy. Maybe mini lin?
    Also, some accessories like a cles, wallet. Maybe some bandeaus!
    Bag wise.....maybe something bright in Epi (Epi red)? Ohhh....a red Epi speedy would be great!
  10. OK, your collection is amazing, I did not know that you had a cb papillon too. How about adding a cabas mezzo or neverfull- or some type of tote style. Petite noe is another great bag, I have it in black MC but is great in mono or epi too.
  11. TexasGirl, I have only posted my HANDBAG collection. The wallets, accessories, jewlery are on a second list! Right now I am just looking to decide on a HANDBAG. Thanks though!
  12. Twiggers, Thanks. My wallets, accessories, jewlery are on a second list! Right now my focus is a handbag. I have the Damier Speedy 25...I am liking where you are going with this...epi red or mini lin...hmmm...should I consider azur or is the season getting too short if I don't make this buy until mid August?
  13. Thanks FloridaLV...I agree the tote-shape is absent as is the noe-shape from my collection. Would the Sayela be considered tote like? I could go red epi Noe. Great ideas. :tup:Thanks.
  14. How about an mc speedy, an epi montaigne or epi passy?
  15. Kai Lien, I have the black epi alma...should i do a second epi or should i think mini lin or denim or azur? hmmm....thanks for getting me thinking some more.