Your ideas for making it through pregnancy in style, please?

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  1. What are you wearing now? Or shopping for?
    What trimester are you in?
    What staples should every preggo wardrobe have?
    Your fav shops for finding stylish maternity wear? Nursing wear?

    Thanks ladies! I have lots of maternity in my closet, but sooooo much isn't flattering this time around (maybe it's a girl?! :yahoo:) and I need to get some new pieces.
  2. I'm in my second trimester - 23 weeks tomorrow and I'm wearing fitted cotton dresses all the time. I like showing off my bump because I think it's cute! :smile: Plus, people compliment you all the time about how cute your bump is when it's shown! I was a size 0 pre-pregnancy and gained 13 pounds so far and my bump is extremely obvious and sticks out like a little basketball. I figure you should show it while it lasts and not wear huge tents covering it up! I don't wear maternity clothes because they are too large everywhere else. I just wear bigger 95% cotton 5% spandex dresses from forever 21 since it's comfortable and extremely affordable - plus I will only wear them when pregnant. The only maternity item I did purchase was leggings!!! They are definitely a must for the late fall/winter!
  3. I am loving empire/baby doll dresses or wrap dresses too...
    And leggings with long tunics or leggings with long cardigan sweaters...
  4. Noppies pencil skirt, tops and dresses by Olian.
  5. omg, chocoberrie, that gown is awesome! I'll most likely be squatting in my living room in February, so no need for delivery dresses! But I wish they made post-birth gowns/pj's.

    Last night I ordered some maternity leggings, finally. I've been wearing my progressively tighter AA ones, and I'm throwing in the towel. Old Navy's maternity stuff is soooooo cheap, even cheaper than Tarjay.

    Where's everyone buying maternity leggings from?
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    What are you wearing now? Or shopping for?
    I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy baby doll tops/anything loose/summery dresses but been buying lots of Forever21 oversize tops or super stretchy ones. In my blog I wore this Forever21 stripe shirt dress at 21w, and it's comfy.
    My only maternity outfits as of now are 1 shorts, 1 jeans, 1 black pants, 1 black legging. Hate them all unfortunately (EXCEPT the legging) because I need to pull them up everytime I stand up.

    What trimester are you in?

    What staples should every preggo wardrobe have?
    Legging! I swear they are the only thing that is super comfy at the moment.

    Your fav shops for finding stylish maternity wear? Nursing wear?
    I love, and sometimes I checked out A pea in the pod when they have sale. I have promised myself not to go overboard with maternity outfits.

    And OMG I want that sushi delivery gown! I've been wanting to eat sushi like FOREVER and I told DH that once these babies out, I want whole tray of sushi rather than hospital foods.
  7. Style is fun when you're preggers!!

    Pick a theme, and stick with it. For me, it was uber-simple - BLACK. It matched everything, all my soft flats or preggie boots were black, and I could dress it up or down. I sort of felt like Angelina Jolie! lol Made shopping concentrated, and so simple to work with.

    Wear dresses, any length, that fasten or tie underneathe your chest. Makes a million bathroom trips easier, and shows off the bump that everyone loves to see!

    Wear soft flats, like ballerina or whatever style suits you, as much as possible. More chic than flip flops or UGGs, and you can stow them in your bag for when you get out of your car or need a little style pick-me-up.

    Indulge in accessories you may otherwise pass by. I loooooooooooved tiny little enamel headbands when I was preggers. Convenient too, since for a couple months I couldn't stand hair in my face! Or maybe fingerless gloves in the fall... you're preggers, you can pull ANYTHING off right now.

    Enjoy little handbags right now, if the fancy strikes you. Big bellies look cute with small bags! I was a clutch girl my entire pregnancy... which was good, because now I can practically tote my little one around in his diaper bag!

    Indulge in beauty treatments now, because spa treatments, manis, pedis... so hard to get to after baby. I switched my hair to a more natural, less maintenance colour post baby, so I don't stress on roots, fading, etc. Life is simpler, and I adore my colour/style now.

    And girls, if you go to lunch and all you want is dessert... well, thats just adorable. Do it. Be happy, be pretty, be pregnant :biggrin:
  8. I am still wearing a lot of pre-pregnancy clothes.. Maxi dresses, skirts, tee shirts/tanks that just stretch tight over my belly. I am 24 weeks today. I agree leggings are super comfy. I am still wearing heels and I will for as long as humanly possible because I hate flats. I always accessorize - necklaces, bracelets, headbands.. Wear some makeup..
  9. Super tips, Fish! I live in flats and take clutches when I'm out alone... :smile:

    I'd add that now is the time to have fun w. layers/shirts and dresses, bc later you're focused on "what can I nurse in?" instead of what do I really want to wear!

    YES, pearls, I hate having to pull up my maternity jeans/cords! And getting saggy crotch from them... :sad: Leggings sound like the way to go!

    Aurora, you are soooo lucky to still fit into so much pre-preg stuff... that was my experience w my first and second. This one popped my tummy before I even knew I was preggers!

  10. Wow too funny! I personally wouldn't have cared if the hospital put me in a Jawas costume during delivery. I was in a lot of pain and they could have put me in whatever they liked or nothing at all, just make the pain stop!
  11. I've been wearing a lot of fitted tanks (personally Target tanks are the best! I love them way more than Mother Hood) with scarves and capris =) Now that the weather is getting cooler I will add a flowy cardi to my outfits! Simple and cute!

    I also wore my pre-pregnancy dresses with leggins.
  12. That's great enga, so you're doing homebirth? I'll be delivering at a hospital by my midwife and I don't want to wear the traditional gowns so I thought the pretty pushers sushi one was cute! I think the consensus is maternity leggings! I have the secret fit belly leggings from Motherhood Maternity.
  13. Lol, Lisa, I don't even know what a "jawas" costume is, but it made me :lol:!!!

    Totally, Mary, the Tarjay tanks are way better than Motherhood's (which I think run short). Today my outfit is full-panel capri leggings (from ON--LOVE!!!) and a black pre-preg flowy dress that fits me at alllll sorts of weights and shapes, I've found. But it's seriously the only pre-preg article of clothing that fits!

    I love the blue sushi costume, too, choco! But, depending on the price, I'd save my $$ for a cute robe/pj's set for when you're back home snuggling in bed w. baby for days and days. Plus, this might be TMI, but by the time I was pushing w. both DS's, I was totally in the buff and didn't care at ALL! If you're pushing w. midwives, they might be more chill about you wearing your own clothes in the labor room. I've seen tons of pics/vids w birthing mamas in just a tank top, bra, or bikini top (esp if in water).

    I'll have to check out the Motherhood leggings. I love the secret fit belly on my jeans/cords, even though I'm constantly tugging them up!