Your husband's indulgences

  1. How do you justify your Hermes habit in the context of your marriage? My husband thinks that spending thousands on a single handbag is ridiculous. I pointed out that he drives a Porsche 911, and now I have a Kelly bag.

    How does it work for you?
  2. LOL, coco! Perfect come-back!!!!!

    Well...mine has a severe addiction to anything high-end audio and I mean high-end. Like speakers at $25K EACH and continual up-grading (as if at this point there's anything else to BUY!).....

    So that garnered me a few Kelly's AND a Birkin! :cool:
  3. ok he knew of my hermès addiciton(let us say beautiful things in general) when we came together and i financed everything in the beginning by myself. then after our marriage and due to his constant travelling and moving he asked me to give up my job. i did so but with the rule that it won´t be to my negative.
    let us say he was happy and pretty generous.
    now he´s history;) and the next man in my life better never brings up the point on what i am spending my money .
  4. My husband thinks I am absolutely insane about how much money I spend on handbags and shoes. The mere fact that I am on the waitlist for a Birkin boggles his mind. And to make me feel even worse, he doesn't really have any expensive habits:shame:- I guess that means more money for me to spend on handbags!:graucho::P
  5. You go girl! Just keep your man happy and those bags and shoes will come your way.

    As for my hubby, as long as the money is there...anything to keep me happy...even if it "boggles his mind".
  6. Ditto here, except it got me a Birkin!
  7. I am very fortunate in that my husband and I feel the same way about things .... I want him to have anything/everything that makes him happy and he wants me to have anything/everything that makes me happy. I took my Kelly out for the first time the other night. I took her to see Tom Jones in concert. I think my husband got as much pleasure seeing me enjoy the bag as I did toting it around. His passion is his motorcyle. He has the entire thing cromed. Did it cost a lot? Yeah, sure did, but you have to see his face light up every time he takes it for a spin. Priceless.
  8. Kat....that's beautiful! I think it sums it all up....what brings joy to our loved ones is worth it! And vice-versus....
  9. Mine is like shopmoms...into audio - Bang & Olufsen is a favourite - BIG plasma TV's, fine wines and expensive cigars. We own a large Sea Ray cruiser (boat) .........He is also interested in buying an Aston Martin......but In addition to Hermes Bags, I am also into diamond jewellery & South Sea Pearls, so it evens out!!!!!

    He's a teriffic gift-giver, so no complaints here!!

    Gosh...just reading that, we sound like terrible consumers.......but we're not!!! :shame:
  10. Please don't feel that way. Almost immediately after making this thread, I wondered if it was overly nosy or perhaps a bit show-offy.

    I just wondered how other people justify individual indulgences when by law, they share marital property with a spouse.

    I tend to encourage my husband's spending a lot more than he does mine, but then again, he's a reluctant shopper. His last big purchase was a fancy triathlon bike which I pushed him to get. And I'm happy to report that my 47 y.o. husband finished in the top third of all men (18 and older) in a big triathlon last weekend!
  11. ^ LOL - yea we do (a bit)... but I agree... we're not. *sigh* my DH is quite sweet. To be quite honest, at the very beginning, I was a bit apprehensive because we come from two very different economic backgrounds. Thus I was a bit "shy" at exposing my purchases at first (even though they were 100% financed by yours trully). But then, I saw that actually he really didn't care... He was just happy that I was happy. And like Kristie's, he's a terrific gift-giver... And like Kat's - "I am very fortunate in that my husband and I feel the same way about things .... I want him to have anything/everything that makes him happy and he wants me to have anything/everything that makes me happy."
  12. GO MR. NUT!!!!!!!!

    That's some effort......I don't even know if I'd remember how to ride a pushbike!!!
  13. Honestly, don't feel bad. I get this question quite often (both at work & from other members on this board). It's just natural curiousity. That's usually when I give my tiny speal (sp?) on joint & separate accounts and have a clarity of each other's finances & spending habits prior to walking down the aisle. Btw, the PFS board members are usually concerned about future Hermes purchases while the men (my co-workers) wonder if they can continue collecting their European cars. :amuse: Big surprise, eh?:biggrin:

    P.S. yay for your DH's physical prowess. that's amazing!
  14. I realize it works differently with all kinds of people and I appreciate your answers.

    And as amazing as my husband's performance is to me, there were women in their FIFTIES kicking the butts of 90% of the guys out there at a triathlon three weeks ago. I can't tell you how inspiring it was to see not one, not two, but THREE women over 50 end up in the top 20% of all competitors in a race that was composed of a 500m swim/14 mile bike/5 mile run.

    It made me get back on a treadmill, that's for sure!
  15. Sea Ray! How lucky!! Kristie, where do you get your South Sea Pearls? I am dying to get a strand of gold South Sea Pearls (sorry veering off the subject)....