Your honest opinions needed

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  1. Hi,

    I recently saw a beautiful east/west flap on an auction side, and I really love it. However, since I am a size 14-16, I am afraid that the east/west might look puny on me. I already have a reissue in the 227 size (and it looks great!), but I am not sure how the east/west will look on me.

    What are your thoughts? I want honest answers, and I will NOT get offended.

  2. I think it would be fine. The width of the e/w seems like it would balance the narrowness.

    I am a size 14 and fear looking ridiculous with small bags. I do wear the WOCs (crossbody) though and it works.
  3. ^^^ Thank you Jet! I also wear crossbody bags, and they do look good.

    Thanks again for your help!