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What shall I do with it?

  1. Keep it!

  2. Drop it!

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  1. What do you think about this Versace bag?
    Please tell me your honest opinion!

    CIMG2247.JPG CIMG2246.JPG

    It was a present and I'm a little bit indecisive what I should think about this bag.:weird:
  2. Honestly..I dont like it...but thats just me..I dont wear that shape and I dont really wear much metallic!
    Let me know ...good luck!
  3. I don't wear a lot of metallics either but I kind of like this bag. It has that sassy bright Vegas or Miami feel to it that sings of money! I think it'd look fantastic with a white suit!
  4. Love the shape, hate the metallic. I say exchange it for a different color.
  5. I think it's a very nice bag, but seems too dressy.
  6. I dont really care for it, but its a great shape :biggrin:
  7. Its a bit gaudy. At first I liked it but then I clicked closeup.......:sad:

  8. I think its hot!
  9. I love the shape and it's gorgeous.
  10. I think this bag was discussed a week or so ago in a thread about Kimmora Lee - there was a pic of her carrying it. I don't care for gold in general, but I like the shape, too.
  11. With a toned down outfit that's very tailored and has no bling on the clothing--just fine!
  12. I like the shape but i'm not sure about the colors-i'm not really into metallics, but if it is what you like and goes with your wardrobe I would say keep it!
  13. Fabulous bag!!!
  14. The bag is very nice. It's more dressier bag I guess. It's a present? Wow, keep it and enjoy the bag!
  15. I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!