Your HONEST opinion on my new Blahniks :-(

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
Face it, your co-worker are just plain old fashioned pea-green with envy. :greengrin:

And if you decide you can't stand them, I'm a 38. Happy to take them off your hands (or more properly, your feet).:yahoo:


Feb 1, 2006
Bee...Bee said:
Today I wore new Blahniks bought over the weekend to work and the first thing my director says to me when I went to her office is: 'What are you doing with those shoes?' Then when I told my colleague who shared an office with me, she said: 'I was going to say it's diabolical as well.'

OK that's not even the end! When I went out to eat with two colleagues, a female one said: 'I agree! Actually I can't believe that Blanhnik makes shoes as plain-looking as these, to say the least.' When I turned to my male colleague, he smirked: 'I'm not going to comment any further.'


Actually I'm going nuts! So I would appreciate your frank opinion, are these that ugly? If you think they are hideous please say so, insults are welcomed and gratefully accepted so I can go and reflect my awful dress sense!:crybaby:



Pic from 'any pointies lately' thread that I posted on during the weekend.
What line of business are you in? They look appropriate in an office environment imo


baguette collector
Mar 1, 2006
They are not ugly, people are just being stupid or at times jealous. I don't tell too many people I have some Manolo's in my closet. Few people really understand our love of designer things, that is why this forum is so popular, because we can all talk about this.
I wouldn't worry about what these bozo's think, I don't think they are the fashion police.
The shoes are a very classic style and you will be able to wear them for as long as you want.