Your HONEST opinion on my new Blahniks :-(

  1. Today I wore new Blahniks bought over the weekend to work and the first thing my director says to me when I went to her office is: 'What are you doing with those shoes?' Then when I told my colleague who shared an office with me, she said: 'I was going to say it's diabolical as well.'

    OK that's not even the end! When I went out to eat with two colleagues, a female one said: 'I agree! Actually I can't believe that Blanhnik makes shoes as plain-looking as these, to say the least.' When I turned to my male colleague, he smirked: 'I'm not going to comment any further.'


    Actually I'm going nuts! So I would appreciate your frank opinion, are these that ugly? If you think they are hideous please say so, insults are welcomed and gratefully accepted so I can go and reflect my awful dress sense!:crybaby:



    Pic from 'any pointies lately' thread that I posted on during the weekend.
  2. I like them A LOT!
  3. I think they are very classic, the little bow will be in this fall. What is wrong with your boss & co worker, this is a great looking shoe.
  4. What are those people thinking?! I love them!
  5. It is a classic style. Now, why are your colleagues so rude? My boss will never ever say things like that in front of me unless i'm dressing rather unprofessionally.
  6. i saw the pictures of the shoes before i finished reading your post.. and my first thought was... "wow cute shoes, i wonder if they are comfy"...
    so i guess there you have it... i don't think it's hideous and maybe it is plain but you dont need to wear a super decked out shoes when you go to work... and i do agree with the other ladies that your boss/co-workers are kinda mean and rude to say such things to you.
  7. Love them, great shoes for work.
  8. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: I think they're nuts.

    Beautiful, classic, TDF! :love:
  9. Those people are cracked out, i love them!
  10. OK, I was expecting to scroll down and see some big clunky ugly shoes, but no! I think those shoes are adorable! How amazing would they look with a pencil skirt! :P

    I don't know what your colleagues are thinking, unless you wore them with something totally in a different style (not that I imagine you ever would). They are not runway type Manolos, which most people think of when they think of the brand. They are fantastic. (Hmm, maybe I should get a pair myself!) :angel:

    Wear your shoes often and with a big smile -- they are gorgeous!
  11. your co-workers are nuts man. those shoes are totally cute! Wear them wiht a short skirt next time, let them try to tell you they arent sexy then!
  12. I love the shoes. However, to be honest, i don't like the bows. Beside that, the shoes are great, they are not as bad as how your coworkers make them sound like.
  13. I think they are adorable. They are very classy. I don't understand why some ppl make mean comments like that. I'm sorry they made you feel bad. I personally think they are cute :love:
  14. They're classic. I like them!
  15. Very Pretty work shoes! Dont let others get you down!