Your Holy Grail Foundation

  1. Lol it totally is!! It makes me confused cause I want to be vain and pick the lightest color..but according to the descriptions 125 is lighter than some of the lower numbers!
  2. I just self matched myself to 150 a few days okay in the dry/regular range. I like it so far!
  3. Hmm..I'm not sure - I tried the Nars and it didn't blot when I tried tissue on it! I had it on with the Nars primer that seems nice.
  4. Thanks, I'll keep trying! The Nars primer didn't work for me, but the BE Prime Time Oil-free seems better.
  5. I mix Mac with Mirenesse. Perfect coverage and color!
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    I'm a NW20 and Sephora matched me with 118 in the HD MUFE. I think it matches pretty closely but need to try another sample.

    Right now my HG is MAC Studio Fix Fluid, but I'm still searching for something better. Some days it looks flawless, others too oily or too flakey - but that's probably just my skin :p
  7. I like the price of the Studio fix but it just hates my skin! I had 3 pimples within a few days of wearing it. I'm loving the MUFE and the Revlon Colorstay!
  8. I just had to mention that an MA applied MAC Face and Body on me and I broke out fiercely!

    I'm wondering if all MAC foundations will have this effect.
  9. I seem to have that problem with most of their foundations!
  10. Clarins hydra-care tinted moisturiser is pretty good I've found, although I do still wear moisturiser underneath, but it gives a really nice sheer-to-medium coverage which gives a lovely enhanced 'natural' look.
  11. That's really interesting! You would think you are protecting yourself if you look for spf, but not if you're oily -- like me!
  12. One that I tried recently with surprising results. Wet and Wild tinted Moisturiser. OMG! Perfect coverage, staying power and doesn't settle into my lines. All this for less than $4.00 per tube

    Tried it as a whim and was thrilled with the results. I had used MAC, Laura Mercier and Armani foundations before the W&W.
  13. A fellow tPF'er friend of mine swears by Trish McEvoy treatment foundation. I haven't tried it myself but my friend's skin looks amazing and not overly made up! Foundation is $75 a bottle, however...

    I also picked up some Cover Girl TruBlend liquid foundation in a BOGO half off at the drugstore and it REALLY is nice too. And about $10!
  14. Hey it's me again, LOL.

    I literally just got an order from Saks and got Estee Lauder Double Wear. VERAH verah nice!!
  15. Make Up Forever HD is a great foundation! I have fair skin, and I was able to find a perfect match. I think I'm in love!!! Looks like I have no make-up on, and it lasts all day.

    No SPF, but I purchased the primer which is SPF that works for me.