Your Holy Grail Foundation

  1. Dry, acne-prone skin (ONLY in the chin area, where I break out with terrible cystic acne. The rest of my skin is 100% clear.)

    HG... definitely Clinique Even Better foundation. It's so creamy, but it's also oil free!

    I also love Clinique's Superfit foundation. But, sometimes it can be drying to my skin. The Even Better foundation is amazing, it seriously makes my skin look flawless.
  2. Me too, me too!!
    After years of searching and sampling, Estee Lauder Double Wear is my HG!! And I use the Everyday Minerals Kabuki to buff it all in. Flawless!!
  3. I used to think I found it w/ Tarte Smooth Operator. I still like it, but I tried Tarte ReCreate and that is wonderful! It is better and matches my skin great. It doesn't get oily until the very end of the day too- after about 10 hours of wear or so, it needs to be blotted.
  4. I want to get the MUFE but I got matched 3 times at Sephora and everytime they tell me I'm a different color!

    The Nars Sheer Glow seems pretty good - I tried it out today!
  5. I am a foundation junkie and have tried a lot of them :girlsigh:
    It is hard to pick only one. Therefore here are my favorites:

    La mer creme foundation - This is my favorite foundation of all. It stays all day and it gives me the best coverage. But since it is so expensive, i only use it when going out, special ocacions or in the fall/winter time.

    Dior Nude - This gives me a nice coverage and it is ligther i love it for spring/summer.

    Mac Face and Body - My favorite foundation from MAC. It is on the ligther side, but it gives a super nice finish. This was my summer foundation this summer.
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  6. Do you know what your Mac shade is? I'm a nw30. And in mufe i wear the 123 and the 153.
    I thought I would try the Stromboli in the Nars
  7. I believe I'm the NC20 in MAC, but it looks like I have a mask on when they put it on me! I've been matched with MUFE in 118, 120, and 125!
  8. chanel tient innocence compact makeup. I have very dry sensitive skin that breaks out from any irritation

    I also love armani liquid mixed with a fluid sheer (I adjust the colour depending on whether I'm tan or pale)

    armani is what I wear if I want to look flawless, chanel is for everyday and I swear it makes my skin better over time...
  9. Like another poster said, I'm still on the hunt for my HG. Although I have gotten some great ideas on foundations to try though.

    My current favorite however is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. (Yes, from the drugstore) It gives good coverage, stays put all day, and really does keep me from getting shiny too.
  10. May have found my HG - NARS oil free foundation! I brought back a sample from sephora, and have used it the past two days. Nice coverage, matte, but not muddy, and only had to powder once during the day. Feels light on my face, and I didnt notice it rubbing off. I think I'll order it during Sephora F&F. I'm really liking it! Only downside is it doesnt have a pump, I have heard.
  11. I'll raise your three matches and see you 5 matches from Sephora techs. One of these days I'm gonna take my favorite MAC MA into Sephora and make her match me. She can look at someone and match them on the money every time. I love MUFE, but man the Sephora folks are no good. I think I've finally matched myself to a 120. Sadly it whites out with the camera flash and that pisses me off. Still my face is flawless all day.

    So in answering the question:
    I love me some MUFE HD Foundation. I also very much like MAC's Studio Sculpt in NC30. Excellent match for me. In winter I may need to mix in a little NC25 to lighten it up a smidge.
  12. The MAC MA matched me to NC20 (but my friend's daughter says it makes me look like a ghost)! Jen got me the 125 (which is for light skin with beige undertones). It looks like the description makes it lighter than the 120, which is what I need, based on the MAC matching for us!

  13. We women have it so hard! Men don't have to match their foundations. Pfft. I didn't feel that MUFE 125 was beige at all which was weird. It almost took on an orangy yellow cast for me. 120 so far works best. Temptalia says she's NC30 and wears MUFE 140 but that was waaaaay dark on me. I guess it's all about undertones. :shrugs: What a pain in the RUMP!
  14. I have just started wearing Revlon Colorstay and it is quite nice.
  15. I'm still looking for my HG also, but right now I'm using NARS Sheer Matte. It was lollipop26's rec that made me want to try it! I have oily skin, basically normal/oily with oily tzone. I love the coverage and how comfortable it feels, but I'm not sure this is the one for me.
    When I blot, it does come off on the tissue - this isn't supposed to happen, right? I've also been trying different primers but they don't seem to help. Does this mean this foundation isn't doing its job? I'm new to foundations :sad: