Your Holy Grail Foundation

  1. I would say my chanel double perfection (for a compact) and the mat lumiere (for liquid) their loose powder is TDF. I tried everyything before i found chanel. its great.

    I have normal skin, with a tendency of dry spots.
  2. chanel teit innocence (and laura mercier tinted moisturiser)
  3. Chanel Tint Foundation is great for me. I get so many compliments, but SoCal is hot and I don't like wearing liquid foundation in the summer so I'm currently trying RawMinerals...
  4. Supernatural from Philosophy. It goes on so easily and looks so fabulous! I've tried all the others and this is IT! :yes:
  5. I have a ruddy uneven skin tone - and am generally fair. I also tend to get pretty oily in the t-zone. I switched to Bare Minerals about 4 mos ago and use smashbox primer underneath. I can't believe I didn't try this years ago! I finally have the flawless coverage, that I honestly thought I wouldn't ever achieve with my ruddiness!
  6. I have sensitive skin, not dry or oily. I don't have a HG foundation, but for months I've been reaching for Everyday Minerals in Original Glo almost everyday!
  7. My skin type is dry.

    My HG foundation is bare minerals. I've been using it for many years, and combined with Mineral Veil, really gives me a flawless finish. :tup:
  8. I have combo skin and
    LA PRAIRIE CELLULAR TREATMENT POWDER FOUNDATION gives me amazing flawless coverage with no break-outs. Love!
  9. Armani LSF :tup:
  10. I have combo skin and I use Prescriptives custom foundation which I adore since I totally customize it to my skin color and needs. I also swear by Lancome's dual finish powder which I've used for over 20 years. No matter what other powder I try, I always come back to this.
  11. For flawless coverage I also use Prescriptives Custom. It gets pretty hot here though in the summer so I'm thinking about trying Raw Minerals.
  12. i have oily skin with some random dry patches. my skin is also generally pretty clear and only sometimes looks uneven/splotchy so i wear foundation only during those times or when i'm not running late (rare) :p.

    that being said, i use Makeup Forever face&body foundation. Very nice!! very even, flawless look, with a great feel. does not make me oily, and it's easy to apply. plus it's waterproof :tup: so the lasting power is great.

    it seems a bit light for the summer months recently though, so i just bought smashbox tinted moisterizer. So far so good.
  13. I've been using Jane Iredale's Pure Pressed Base for years (it's mineral makeup).

    I'm not sure that it's a HG, but I like it and I haven't found anything I prefer (and I look, just because I'm fickle!).
  14. La Mer!
  15. i'm a normal skin type with some dryness.

    i, like frosty, usually use just tinted moisturizer (laura mercier's is the BEST!) because it leaves my skin with a healthy, natural look. i take good care of my skin so i don't usually need a lot of makeup.

    HOWEVER, when i really want dewy, satin-doll skin, my hg is definitely chanel's vitalumiere. it's a liquid foundation that isn't too heavy and leaves me looking flawless! it's pretty pricey, though, but like i said, i don't use it most of the time. =]