Your Holiday Wish List 2007!!

  1. What NON-handbag items or on your holiday wish list this year??
  2. Diamond earrings from "Hearts on Fire"
  3. I want my Tiffany's plane bracelet
    And a new ipod.

    And altogether a great christmas:biggrin:

  4. Some black tights.
    Would really like a winter white coat.
    Various shades of MAC makeup :smile:
  5. Well, I won't be getting any of these, but things I'm eye-balling and would love to have:

    The 12 days of christmas Williams Sonoma tablecloth
    The Pottery Barn Sold out Giving Thanks Banner (I am KICKING myself that I waited for it to go on sale and now it's gone!)
    A mac laptop JUST for me
    a full day at a spa
  6. I want:
    An ipod
    Crest whitestrips
    A black wool jacket
    Lip gloss
  7. A bottle of Nina by Nina Ricci.

    A subscription to Blender Magazine.

    Titus Andronicus on DVD.

    Gift cards (Barnes & Noble, Victoria's Secret, itunes . . . . there are certain songs I want, and I realized that the only way to get them is to actually pay for them.)

    Money is always good.

    A subscription to (Canada's equivalent to Netflix).
  8. 1. Apple iPod Touch
    2. Schultz book
    3. Twin Peaks DVD set
    4. Chanel nail polish
    5. Various knives from Wustof
    6. Bentley Continental GT :drool: (hey, a girl can dream ...)
  9. 1. New (preferably leather) sofas for living room
    2. Peace on Earth and goodwill towards all people.
  10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Cd and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on dvd.. Really.. That is it!! I would be happy with those two items, but honestly I am almost positive that nobody got me those things.. Hee hee..
  11. Actually.. I would also like a gas card at the local AWESOME gas stations, Quik Trip, for all of my frozen beverage affairs and actualy gasoline. I also would enjoy cash and a job that does not involve me changing poopy diapers or being a "pretend mommy". In other words, NO MORE NANNYING!
  12. I just want to finish escrow without any hassle. That's all I want.
  13. Just in case I'm being google'd I'd like to put it out there that DIAKKA WOULD LIKE A David Yurman 5mm color classic bangle (any stone) for the holidays -any holiday (christmas, new years, her birthday, hanukah, cinco de mayo, etc)! Pick one! LOL!
  14. ibot vacuum, new ceiling fans for my bedroom and office.
  15. a vacation!! haha, I'm not getting one though...maybe next year, it will give me time to slim down to bikini proportions!