Your hobbies?


Mar 16, 1980
Aside from obsessing over handbags, what are your hobbies?

Personally, I like to learn, expand my intellectual horizon, I scour the web like a freakin' bot at times. I enjoy watching TV shows (especially 24, CSI, CSI:NY, Family Guy) as well as movies (only the English originals, the dubbed German versions give me rashes), and I love mountain biking. Mountain biking rather tends to be an obsessions of my own, I blew almost $3k on a Cannondale 1.5 years ago, and I plan on buying a new one this year sometime. :lol:
I love to read (particularly mystery novels i.e. Agatha Christie) Love to workout 6 days a week! I definately love to do some online shopping( thanks alot Vlad and Megs is your fault ;) !) The rest of my time is spent trying to get this psychology more year yay!! However, after the meeting I had on thursday regarding grad school..I needed either my usual rum and diet coke or some retail therapy!
I also read alot...the last book I read was "my friend leonard" by James Frey, excellent book! (I support him totally, and have now lost some faith in Oprah) I am in love with my dog, Maya, so I spent 90% of my free time with her, I have lost all interest in clubbing or doing much of anything since I got her in September. She really is my little baby, and I hate leaving her. I wouldn't say travelling is a hobby, but I have family in Canada, England, Holland, and now here in the south, so I do it quite a bit, and enjoy it of course. Otherwise its alot of online shopping, and drinking chai latte's! Oh, and I've re-discovered the t.v. show "Roseanne" LOL seriously...try watching it again, hilarious! I love nick at night. I also obsessively take pictures of Maya, its rediculous, but otherwise inspiration is at an all time low.
I love to run, read, go to the beach, hang out with the bf and friends, go to shows, sleep (!!!).... The bf and I watch a lot of movies, we have that online Blockbuster service :love:
I love to read, sleep, EAT (you're not alone Noriko!), watch rated R movies (the more bloody, violent and scary the better), hang out with friends, people-watching, hang with family, snuggle up with bf, traveling, etc...
i'm a huge concert person. i love music, and i've seen the cure 7 times. depeche mode a close 5. and of course photography, but i have to admit the cure/music came first before photography. photography came a few years later.

i collect barbie dolls. fill my room with stuff. crunchy goes with my everywhere if i can take her. i hang out a lot with my bf.
I love eating and cooking, I'm vegetarian so I think I'm a lot more conscious of my food choices as well as food preparation.. or at least I try to be. I read a hell of a lot, I really want to be able to try to say at least something reasonably intelligent about everything someday. Of course that probably won't happen with everything (sports.. so boring !). I love surfing the net, and reading the news online since I don't have cable - I'm a total news buff. I also end up fixing a lot of computers, both at work (at an ISP) as well as at home.. my roommate wanted to get me a shirt from thinkgeek that said "No I will not fix your computer" but I probably would have worn that to work which is probably not the best message to send ! ;) I like movies a lot, especially documentaries (Art of War anyone?). Augh, I feel like I'm writing a novel, but I've also got to get in that I really love animals, so I'm fostering 2 cats with my roommate at this point, and I also have a rat named Spot. I love them all so much !!

Oh and I've been on a video game kick recently, my best friend reintroduced me to the world of PS2 with katamari damacy and I must, must have everything katamari !!

I used to love pottery and photography.. but those are in the down cycles now.. they'll make a come back eventually !
Besides shopping?
- Figure skating
- Piano
- Reading
- Cooking/baking
- EATING (I eat SO much! I've had several waiters look at me in utter disbelief asking me where all the food went, before I even order dessert! :shame:smile:
- Being online (messageboards, sudoku online, online window shopping, stumbleupon on firefox, youtube, AIM)
I enjoy:
spending time with my pets (two dogs, three birds)
skiing in winter
riding my motorcycle in the summer (Honda 750 Shadow)
playing poker
I enjoy:

Cooking, grilling, and baking (they are each their own art form)
Taking my two labs out for walks
Studying Criminology, and criminal psychology
Watching tv and movies
Shopping for jeans (this can be a sport if not just a hobby) :P
Getting tattooed (conjuring up new tattoo ideas)
- piano, guitar (acoustic and electric)
- pottery, wheel-throwing and hand building
- Play Everquest 1 and 2 online, have for about 5 years now.
- Shop and browsing for our next cruise vacation :smile:
- Fishing - mostly off the Galveston Fishing Pier
- Going to church - not sure its a "hobby" but an important part of my life.
- Reading - mostly biographies and non-fiction.
- TV - House, Monk, American Idol, The Daily Show, Colbert Report and Boooyaaa Skidaddy! Jim Cramer's Mad Money on CNBC (I like to watch him bite the heads off foam bears and throw his chair across the studio, and give some nice stock tips).
Noriko said:
I really like video games :lol: Also watching movies, and of course eating *hangs head in shame*

No shame in eating....I love to eat! Plan my days around meals ;) .

My other hobbies are: playing tennis, reading (last book I read was "Marley & Me"), shopping, making jewelry, watching movies (a lot of movies...because of the snow this weekend, I rented a few things).