Your high school memories/stories

  1. I'm going to be starting high school in the fall and I would love to hear your memories from high school, stories, tips, etc. :smile:

    I did a search about high school and from the list of 31 results, I don't think I saw anything about this. Sorry if there is a thread like this that I missed!
  2. I think my funniest moments were a couple of weeks ago.

    My friend Charlotte has not seen the SATC Movie yet and I kept on talking to my friends about Donté and none of us would tell Charlotte who Donté was. So she walked up to the teacher and said "Mrs Hutchings, what's a Donté?"

    It was hilarious!

    Another funny moment was me on the school bus with my friends and I was talking about the long jump I had done the day before, where I landed on my butt and the hole in the ground was rather large.

    Foolishly, I said "You should have seem my bumhole yesterday, it was HUGE". They've never let me live it down either!

    I've never actually been more happy at school than I am now!
  3. High school was a lot of fun.

    Our school would have a band play music during lunch every few months. It would be the school band, the Geezers (a band made up of teachers), or one of the student's band. Whenever they played music my friends and I never ate lunch because we would be dancing to the music in the quad. More often than not we were the only ones dancing. Sooo much fun.

    Another memory that sticks out was an assembly sophomore year. I don't remember what the assembly was about but during the assembly some freshman were throwing things over to our side. Afterwards the principal let all the other classes go except for our class and yelled at us. Normally being yelled at wasn't fun but the lingo he used was hilarious. He told us "you aren't the cool cats you think you are", that "you are telling me, Mr. X, go fly a kite. Just go fly a kite" and a bunch of other phrases. At my graduation ceremony, every speaker (including the principal) brought up that assembly.

    Have fun in high school. It goes by sooo fast.
  4. Hehe thanks for sharing your stories :smile:

    Amberini, that is hilarious. "bumhole" I say things like that too, you end up getting so caught up with your story and say something silly that just slips out. :p
  5. high school was a fun time for me...i graduated 2 years ago.

    some of my favorite memories:

    -in 9th grade, my girl friends and i used to be obsessed with a band that wasn't very popular, we met them at warped tour (not a local band just btw). my friend was OBSESSED with the drummer, so she yellow paged his grandma and called pretending to be a reporter who was doing a big story about the band! she ended up giving us his cell number and we called him and he called was soo funny...really kinda creepy now that i look back, but we thought it was awesome.

    -in 10th grade i was sleeping over at the same friend's house, i practically lived at her house. the month before this sleepover, her house had gotten broken into and robbed while she away on vacation. her house was REALLY big and really wide, so her parents room was SO far from her room. well her grandparents had recently passed away so the room above hers was empty and her parents room was seriously so far that we wouldn't have heard them even if they were screaming super loud up there. well at like 3 am we got woken up cause we heard banging noises and instantly remembered her house getting broken into. we started freaking out and tried calling her parents cell phones but they didn't answer. we didn't want to run all the way to their room so we decided to call 911. we were stupid cause when the cops came we figured out it was just her little sister taking a bath in her grandparents bathroom. i have NO idea why she was in that bathroom tho, as she had her own bathroom in a different part of the house. i think she just missed her grandparents or something.

    really if i keep telling stories, it would be like 30 pages of this thread.

    my advice is try and make a core group of fun friends. i had a best friend and then a group of close friends, and i had an awesome experience! good luck and feel free to PM me if u want to know anything else!
  6. Thanks so much MJDaisy, I knew we would be friends after our Twilight obsession. HAHA. Did you check out my thread in gen. discussion??

    Your stories are so funny :smile:))
  7. I don't remember much from high school, considering I graduated in 1996 :wtf:

    The funniest thing I remember (which one of my friends still brings up from time to time) was when I was telling my friends that the janitor had to help me get the lock off my locker because I didn't have the key. I was telling them that I got to go in the elevator with him to get to my locker (no students were allowed to use the elevator) and the way I said it was that he "rode me in the elevator." I was picked on for that for a long time, and they would sing "Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith to me all the time :lol:

    Another funny thing I remember was when one of the guys in my class brought a remote control to school (he had the same TV at home as we had in the classroom) and kept turning the TV on and off. The "WTF?" look on our chemistry teacher's face was priceless :lol:
  8. I graduated a few years ago (holy moly 6!) and in senior year PE class when running laps around the school we'd cut across the front lawn, down the stairs, through the basement, and come out on the other side. Our PE teacher would just sit in a chair and snooze. Eventually he started following my sister's class in a golf cart.

    Aquacades. If anyone here knows what that is I'll give you MAJOR props.

    Rolling our skirts as soon as we got out of class/being asked to do the Britney Spears dance at the mall in our uniforms. Escaping to the sandwich shop on Friday's before art club.
  9. LMAO @ the golf cart and elevator :tup: good stories!!!
  10. I remember in 9th grade, a bunch of us were sleeping over at a friend's house. One of the girls had a boyfriend who was a junior, and we all snuck out and met him and his friends at the park across from the house. We weren't doing anything - I think they were kissing and the rest of us were just talking. No drinking, no smoking, nothing. Anyway, the police pulled up to see what we were doing. It was after curfew, and we were all under age, so the officer made us all write down our names for him so he could turn everyone in to the dean. We all did it - except Amy's boyfriend, who wrote a fake name. Not sure why any of the rest of us didn't think of that! For the next couple of weeks, we were all SO scared that the dean would call us in and suspend us or something! (We weren't exactly rebellious kids!)
  11. Lol, I see you posting like crazy on this forum, frosted! You must be on summer break! lol :lol:

    I loved my high school years. (I'm 23 now and graduated college last year.) Mostly because I joined the Drill Team and was one of the short flags girls. It was a lot of fun and I made tons of new friend. I'm a naturally very shy person, so my freshman year I didn't join any clubs or activities. It was an awful year and I hated it. So I forced myself to get more involved and joined the Drill team for my sophomore and junior year. Absolutely no regrets! I loved it. We were in our city's 4th of July Parade, all of our schools football games, performed at school rallies (To see your own classmates cheering for you, those were the most exciting moments!), in competitions across the state, attend summer drill team camp, and other activities. Yes, I was a band geek, but I was a natural dork and not a popular kid. So that was home for me. :p

    Definitely get involved and make new friends. Don't feel restrained to stick with your circle of friends from junior high. I know you'll have fun, you sound super excited about it frosted! :tup:
  12. My group of friends from middle school pretty much split up into different states, schools, etc. So time to make new friends :p I'm nervous but excited for that. Hehe I AM on summer break, lots of time to just chill. So I'm on here a lot :smile: Better get that time in now because I bet I will be so loaded with hw next year.
  13. I've been out of high school for 20 years. It was a horrible time of my life and I'd rather not remember.
  14. Oy.
  15. gosh I have so many memories from high school but it seems so long ago. Me and my best friend use to tell people we worked for the local paper and needed to get funny candid pictures they always would come up to us a month later and ask when their picture would appear LOL 4 years later both my best friend and I really did end up working for the local paper