Your HERMES style...

  1. Did your style or dress change when you got your first... (or collection of!) Hermes?

    I love how Hermes makes me wanna dress a little nicer in the morning, but I'm really talking about overall. The day to day. Do you skip the t-shirt and go for the blouse, or do you love how a Birkin, Kelly, GPT, Picotin, etc dresses that cute little t-shirt up?

    Personally, I am kind of on the fence. Ms B made me ask :p
  2. Nope. I just wear whatever.
  3. I totally changed.
    I always make sure that I look very nice and put together when I leave the house. Before, not so much. Jeans and T-shirt was OK. Nowadays I hardly leave the house without a scarf (OK not when it's really hot). Even if it's just Jeans and a T, it has to look stylish nowadays, like Jeans and a T with a 'twist' ;).
  4. LoL I think thats where I see myself headed! And probably none too soon... I needed a style infusion! I'm asking because I was on a shopping ban for so long that after Ms B arrived I need to round out and fill in some of my wardrobe too, and I'm am at a DEAD STOP. :wtf:

    What to get? More of the same? Bring Ms B and get her opinion? LoL sorry, I'm sure I'm not the only chick here who occasionally talks to her Birkin! Although I'm probably the first nutball who would admit it... :blush:
  5. The funny thing is I hardly bought any new clothes. I just watch more how I put things togehter.
  6. i do pay very much attention on my dressing, with H i feel it rounds up my style.
    even if i wear jeans and a shirt (never T for me), i feel more sophisticated when i wear my Hbags.
  7. Love this idea of getting Ms B's opinion! I might bring my bag along to see how things coordinate, but I wouldn't have thought of it in this fun way. Now I will always think of talking to my bag when I am standing in front of a mirror with it, lol

    hello2703, that's exactly what I did; just started being more careful in how I arranged what I already had. I have been on a hunt for the perfect white shirt since I started wearing scarves, though.
  8. I started getting more plain shirts without patterns so nothing would clash with my scarves. :yes:
  9. My style hasn't changed but I do accessorize better since I have discovered H! In the summer, I have always worn a nice T with capris and sandals. Now, throw in a mousse, H watch and bangle and a mini Birkin and the outfit is complete. In the winter, my "standard" uniform is turtleneck, cashmere blazer, jeans and loafers or boots. Since falling in love with H, I added a big-girl scarf, same H watch and bangles and chevre Kelly or Bolide. Every outfit looks better with some Hermes!
  10. Try Anne Fontaine shirts. They are PERFECTION!
  11. NAh..if my style changed it's due to age and life need for the Gucci suit right now..If anything I am buying H that fits my stylle now...

  12. Same here CB. Since hermes I find myself looking for shirts that will provide a simple background for my scarves!
  13. I totally changed my look. I used to look like a student. Now I look like a student with a Hermes bag. lol

    But it all came with the transition into professional life, I guess. ;)
  14. I suppose i try a bit harder to dress better now!! where i live no-one is into the H scarves thing, so sometimes i feel waaaay too overdressed. i try to wear more simple things and let the scarves do the talking. Still no H bags yet!!!:sad::sad:
  15. Raz, same here. Nobody knows Hermes here....
    I prefer monochromatic cloths (without a pattern) and put on a nice scarf. Voila - dressed!
    The one item I will seriously invest in/add to my wardrobe will be Chanel shoes.