Your Hermes & mother-in-laws....;)


Dec 25, 2006
Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone experience the same thing as i do. Whenever i carry my birkins or kelly, my mil always make it a point to tell me she like or dislike my bag. In the event that she likes it, she will emphasize that it is the perfect size for her and so on. I get uncomfortable when she does it all the time. What do you do if its you? :confused1:


Aug 12, 2008
Just tell her you are sure they will be happy to accomodate her at the nearest H shop and she will surely be able to find a colour that she likes.
Same way if she says she dislikes it. Tell her that this is your style and for her own she should check out H.

For me it is a bit of a different story: my MIL doesn't know I have a B yet, but through the years she has made a lot of nasty comments (to me, my DH and even my parents!!) as to the fact she believes I spend too much on clothes (btw I never spend one penny of DH's money, it is all mine, earned at work or received from my parents!). She has also made some horrible comments as to the fact my mom (proud owner of a few H bags, all gifts from my dad who just loves H as much as we do) is too spoiled and how she (MIL) could never spend that much money on a bag (btw my in-laws are not particularly strapped for cash either).
Cut a long story short, she is coming to visit in a few weeks so she will defo comment on my H and how crazy a purchase it is bla bla bla. She says the same even on the smallest Prada items I have so it is not a dislike to H, more a dislike to me and the fact I love to look good.
After a few years, I've learned to remind her graciously we all do whatever we please with our own money and that if she is not happy she can leave! (it has been a long time and frankly we're beyond the honeymoon period!)


wannabe cloggie
Nov 11, 2007
I count my lucky stars that I have a lovely lovely MIL...She is fashion clueless and as sweet as can be. I did buy her an H wallet last year, which she loves, but she has no idea what she's carrying around.


May 4, 2007
My other half's stepmother knows I have expensive taste and asked me how much my Birkin cost......she nearly fell off her chair :lol: She doesn't judge though and thought it was a nice bag

My other half's mother and sister wouldn't notice if I were wearing a diamond encrusted raincoat, they don't "get" me so largely ignore what I wear or carry....


Jul 7, 2008
How often do you see your MIL? If it's few and far in between, then if I were you, I would grin, say that it pleases you that she likes it too, act dumb, change topic. I also often look out for DH to rescue me out of any kind of MIL situations and usually agree in advance what kind of rescue signals he should look out for. But I only see my in-laws 2 to 3 times a year and usually they are happy to fuss over DH.


Sep 23, 2007
my MIL loves purses but not particularly any brand. In the beginning, she kind of makes me uncomfortable with so many questions about the bag I'm carrying. So on most occasions (birthday, Christmas, mother's day) DH and I gift her with a nice designer bag, although we have yet to give her an H or BV. But I'm very glad to say that she appreciates what we give her, and after that she seems to not ask too many questions (or maybe it is just my imagination).


May 15, 2008
Thanks goodness my MIL does not know what H is... She knows LV and Chanel, unfortunately, because of their label. I made a mistake once using LV in front of her, and she actually asked DH LOUDLY in front of everybody (including hotel staff, we were travelling at that time) if it was fake. I was morrified. The good thing about H is if you don't know what it is, you wouldn't recognize it, since it doesn't have big labels written all over the place. That is actually one of the reasons why I carry H now (as supposed to be other bags). For Christmas, I will store the birkins at home and will only use the big kelly. Hopefully this time she wouldn't make rude comments like that.

As for your MIL, V, I completely hear you. She is just rude and extremely jealous of all the goodies you have. Just laugh it off... It's not worth to lower yourself to her level to make any comments to her. :tup:

My BIG, understanding :hugs: to you.