Your Hermès in action!


Jul 2, 2014
This is not the most inspired pic of my current (and possibly all-time) favorite bag. But, it is an action shot of me approximately 20 seconds before I did the following: store phone in the bag, close and lock the bag, grab MetroCard to stick into the ticket kiosk to catch the morning xtown select bus rumbling down the block.

It's a New Yorker thing, @sf_newyorker!! :cool:;)


Dec 12, 2015
Love it! Love the strap with it too. Can I ask who makes the strap? And, is that a 32?
Thanks! The strap is from Pop&Suki circa 2018-19. Sadly it’s longer available though I was lucky enough to pick up two extra ones. And the bag is a 25!


Be grateful and kind
Jan 4, 2009
This is absolutely not one of this thread's most glamorous shots of H "in action," but I used the Spring-Summer 2021 Le Carré Hermès booklet to make up stories to put my 10-week-old to sleep. Little man didn't really appreciate my proper pronunciation of L'Épopée d'Hermès or my take on why they could have used a prettier colorway for the picture of Space Derby. Oh well. He learned the letter H on page 20 and eventually fell asleep. Win!

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Awww, sweet baby boy is sure to have a fantastic vocabulary when he grows up. Enjoy him! :love:
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