Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Oh rats! That is such a nice pattern. You were smart to get it when you did. I wonder if would have it? They are usually a good source for hard-to-find China/crystal.
  2. Gorgeous blue!
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  3. Incredible, Thank you!

    Kind regards,
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  4. So spectacular!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. @lunch.Herbag32/today.
    Have a good weekend everyone.:heart:

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  6. Using my latest rouge de coeur Kelly 28 for a cocktail Charity event two days ago.
  7. GT in action at home earlier this week. Today in London, travelling this weekend, hoping to post another action pic.

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  8. C18 + Quicker at a friend’s son party. IMG_1549.JPG
  9. Carrying today my Hermès Lucy bag with my new croc phonecase.

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  10. I am a huge fan of neutrals and this outfit is:ps:perfection in my:heart:eyes!!:flowers:
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  12. Shopping in London today :smile:

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  13. Running errands with my etain B and neo ankle boots! :smile: 4A159DB5-8AF3-44CC-993E-C557CC3E76EC.jpeg
  14. Thank you Julide for your lovely comment, it put a smile on my face :smile:

    I also wish to thank e v e r y o n e for the likes ❤️
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  15. Happy Sunday, Ladies & Gents! EE7D447E-03DF-47C2-B041-D1DB440DA310.png