Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Ohhhh Hillychristie~~ You are in big trouble! :nuts:
    I wore only black/grey. :smile:
    Then I lost my senses and bought a magnolia pico, so I rushed out and bought some pink clothes. :hrmm:
    Then I went crazy and bought a blue pico, so I had to buy blue clothes. :amazed:
    Then blinded by a B, I got Etoupe B, so I had to run out and buy beigey clothes...:shocked:
    H takes over your closet! :panic:
    Er....But it's fun! :P:lol:
    Enjoy your Apricot K! Looking forward to your Action pics!:flowers:
  2. GULP:nuts:
  3. :nuts:
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  4. I’m like moths to a flame when I see black, white or taupe/beige!
    I can detect it anywhere on the store hehehe
    As you can see, depending on the lighting, the coat has a marron sheen to it, but it’s taupe/gray.
    The pictures are below.
    Slippery slope? Slippery takeover and it happens to all of us!
    It’s like a plague. I got my aubergine and not only it became one of my favorite colors, it even extended itself to burgundy; that’s how powerful it is! :faint:
    Had to buy clothes, accessories, shoes to go with it? Check! Check! Check!

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  5. Welcome to the Dark Side! :graucho:
    AKA Orange Black Hole Mwahahahaha!
  6. I practise some self restraint and bought my DH a Constance belt with the credits when I downsized my K instead of adding another accessory for myself ... but you’re giving me second thoughts now... I don’t hope to have to join anyone of you on ban island some day :facepalm:

    All of you are such enablers :hbeat:
  7. I was wearing a Magnolia twillaine and passed on a beautiful Rose Pourpre Kelly and didn’t even ask to see a Vert Cypress B or K after buying a hat the same color right before it.
    I deserve 2 ‘GET OUT OF BAN ISLAND FREE’ cards for this :lol:
  8. No showy of the boxies? :biggrin:
  9. When I return from Ban Island.
  10. I’m deeply saddened. My condolences. Hope you’re able to return to freedom soon.
  11. Devouring trdelnìk in Prague with mini Roulis.
    At the zoo admiring the pretty sight of Greater flamingos in the snow.

  12. You seriously take pix better than! Can’t wait to check it out in person. :tup:
  13. Oh, please. You’re making me blush!
    That’s just because they like to be mysterious and I give it all away! ;)
  14. Beautiful picture, stunning bag & tasty treat = Perfection!
  15. Wow, this is really beautiful! The material, and the handstitched contrast stitching is gorgeous! :loveeyes:
    Slippery slope greased with Pamplemousse Rose Balm :lol:
    Your evil laugh! :lol::lol:
    Wow, such fun (and delicious!) pic! Gorgeous Roulis:loveeyes:
    !I didn't know flamingos can survive in the cold! :eek: I want to put sweaters on each and everyone of them!:lol:
    Thank you for your fun pic!:flowers:
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