Your Hermes in action!

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  1. :happydance::happydance::happydance: That’s awesome!
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  2. Apologies again if my ego lasts twice as long on a high note... :hbeat::heart:
    You’re a darling, TBH!
    Hahaha don’t we all hide in the bathroom to take selfies with our shopping in the middle of the night or day? :giggle:
    It’s a ‘raincoat’ from the Resort 2019 collection, the fabric is very unique because it’s gray and has a very subtle red iridescence to it and the icing on the cake is the gorgeous contrast stitching details all around it.
    It also comes in Navy, but I didn’t see it because they didn’t have it. Doesn’t matter because I’m crazy about mine. Just realized today my Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots are a perfect match. I’m so excited! Gray from head to toe here we go!
    Here’s a runway picture and the important info on the receipt:
    Trench Integre Double Repellent Marron

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  3. Just being honest here. I want to see your different looks everyday!! (sorry not to sound like a stalker lol)

  4. Truly beautiful! What kind of fabric is it? Is it sort of like LP storm system kind of fabrics? I am in love!
  5. Oh that's great! Love Stuart Weitzman (great fit for me) and Resort2019! Going to ask my SA! Thank you so much! :heart::flowers:
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  6. @blondissima777 btw I just looked at, and I must just say you wear it so much better than the model! Hermes should pay YOU for those modeling pix. :lol:
  7. Just took a peek; I agree! :heart:
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  8. You’re a doll and not a stalker at all :biggrin: I’ll do my best to take pictures when I’m really dressed to go out (like normal people do) instead of playing dress up with you guys and going nowhere hehehe
    Feels like a typical gabardine (?) used in trench coats, but it’s much lighter than the one used in Burberry Trench coats and the fabric also has a beautiful sheen to it instead of been matte. I’ll try to take a picture in good lighting tomorrow. It’s one of the most stunning fabrics I’ve ever seen. Even the finish on the inside is TDF in a maroon color with a darker brown piping. They really know how how to get you with every detail!
    Anytime, my dear! Hope we’ll be twinning soon!
    I love their shoes! My black Lowlands are my winter ballerina flats hehehe
    You’re the best! :biggrin:
    Unless H gets on the ‘real people’ wagon, I still need to grow about 10 cms before I get hired for the job:giggle:
    You really made my week. I will feel better every time I wear my RTW from now on thanks to you! :hbeat:
  9. You’re too sweet for words, lil kitty! :heart:
    So we stay on topic, I snuck into the other room where my other hat is for an impromptu little late night shoot... :giggle:

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  10. Ooooh sneaking into different rooms to take pic! This is sooo much fuuuuuun!:panic: Especially with gorgeous H RTW! Your hat looks absolutely fabulous on you! :loveeyes: Love the painting in the background too!
  11. Thank you, lil kitty! *hugs*
    I’m just having a bit of fun with you guys.
    Tell me about it! :giggle:
    What is not so easy is trying to cover her naughty bits and remain on the DL at the same time. It was like piloting a helicopter! :wtf:
  12. Ahahahahaha! :lol: Naughty bits!:lol::lol:
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  13. @blondissima777 cant wait for the close up fabric pix. It’s interesting I didn’t even notice the coat at the store, and certainly NOT on :lol: But then your modeling pix I :loveeyes: !
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  14. You always make me smile :hugs:
    I’m also into blue lately but I think the size won over the colour this time.
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  15. Sharing my ootd during my last visit.. IMG_1089.JPG
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