Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Anyone wants some more bathroom action? During the day, this time. :giggle:
    Just in case it’s raining...

    P.S. sorry about the unglamorous bag in the background. That’s my temporary hat box. Had to leave the original behind and wear the hat all the way home. Will ask my local store for a box.

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  2. Haha much appreciated! Not something I’d typically go for but they spoke to me. The taller ones were 105 mm - way too much for this clumsy 5’8 girl!
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  3. I need midi heels to be your height in flats lol Shame I left my knees in my 20s when I used to wear sky high heels 24/7. Now I save them for special occasions. Hey, at least I can walk in them, since I wasn’t blessed with the extra 3’’...
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  4. Day trip to Sweden with oh so practical Evelyne

    eZy Watermark_11-02-2019_12-49-57.jpg
  5. #42500 Feb 11, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
    Thank you AtoB! We must be catching each other's vibes cuz I'm also into the colour blue these days too!:heart::smile:
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  6. Oh my goodness you can seriously be a Hermès model! Stunning my dear. Stunning!
  7. Just read your trip to Paris post! Wow, No wonder you are sleepy and jet lagged! :amazed: Super congrats on getting the apricot! Great color, and it looks fantastic on you! :yes: I think you made the right choice, and your effort is well worth the beautiful K! Super Duper congrats! :hbeat:
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  8. So much fun! Did you get something in this trip?
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  9. Love your entire outfit! So posh! :heart: And the rooftop garden is a very special backdrop! :yes:
    Gorgeous K! The leather looks so scrumptious!:loveeyes:
    Thank you for your tip, Blondissima! K25 sellier it is! :yes:
  10. (Disclaimer:
    I would like to apologize in advance on behalf of my ego if she remains inflated longer than it’s appropriate. We’re not used to this kind of compliments.)
    You seriously made my week, xiaoxiao!!
    Thank you! :hbeat::heart:
  11. OMG, You seriously take gorgeous pics! I totally agree with @xiaoxiao! Stunning model/coat/location! :loveeyes:
    I seriously can live in your bathroom!:lol:
    AND! DAYLIGHT! Your are getting very daring, my friend....:lol:
    Would you mind giving details of your coat? TIA!:flowers:
  12. That is amazing!
    Very blessed indeed :biggrin:
    It would be a dream to visit it someday. Hope you enjoyed it!
  13. Yes really lucky to have another visit. Always nice to have a quiet place to chat with my SA, away from the frenetic pace of downstairs.
  14. Thank you! :heart:
  15. Er yes. I did. A couple of boxes. :biggrin: