Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Will check it out! Something tells me its gonna be ugly....:lol: Heard the Balenciaga puffer is not warm though....:whut:
  2. Thank you, I have attached the site where I got this parka since the model wear the coat much nicer than me:biggrin: and the parka is currently at 50% off with promo code!
  3. Thank you grapegravity!:flowers: Anything looks good on those pouty Size 0 models! :lol:
    A little warm for where I live but I HAVE to check it out! I can alway pretend its too cold :yes: Many thanks!:heart:
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  4. Gorgeous coat!!!
    I tried something similar, but looked like a five foot nothing bloated ‘big bird’ (or was it pink flamingo?) in an oversized military jacket.
    Lovely fur color around my face though :biggrin:
  5. Thank you! :biggrin:Oversized parka always make us look bigger than usual :lol: I normally wear the fur inside since it's retain the body heat better in sub zero weather and like you, love how the racoon fur trim hood around my face made me looked pretty and blocked the chilly artic winds:heart:
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  6. what I loved: “XXL: 14/16”
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  7. BF7EF062-086D-4508-B817-F9F60F23A2D5.jpeg Happy Saturday!
  8. Great outfit and RED!
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  10. Thank you for your sweet compliment :flowers:
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  12. You should see me in my sweats during preschool days lol
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  13. Ohhhh lets not go there:no:....I'd be Godzilla if I wore those coats! I'm 6ft with heels!:lol:
  14. Loving the Bandana twilly on my errands bag.[​IMG]