Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Red Friday! Have a nice weekend![​IMG][​IMG]
  2. You look gorgeous in that ponch
    Love everything about your look and photo!
    Needless to say your B25 is TDF!
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  3. If this is how you dress for the chiropractor, I can’t imagine what you wear to go to dinner! :faint:
    Chic kitty!
  4. Love this! A red bag is great big or small! can I ask what color this is?
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    So glad it’s from a past season, otherwise the only way I’d ever get the cost-per-wear of my current ones to something reasonable if I bought another would be to do this:
  6. Thanks sweetie! The color is rouge casaque~
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  7. Thank you!!
  8. Love the outfit loves!!:flowers:
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  9. It's stunning, dear loves! :loveeyes::heart:
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  10. :lol:
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  11. Purrrrr...:heart: You haven't seen my Old Navy clothes! :lol:
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  12. Such pretty red! :loveeyes:
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  13. Same here, sister, just different store. Who said you can’t go shopping and grocery shopping at the same time? :biggrin:
    Underneath all this H there are some very cute 5 for $25 boyshorts lol
    Sharon Stone and her Gap t-shirt to the Oscars’ got nothing on us, honey!
  14. OMG, that's how I dress! :lol: Layers upon layers....:lol:
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  15. You should Goggle the Marc Jacobs video trying to get in his car with one of these Balenciaga jackets on...