Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Exploring Kyoto with my box b25

  2. DF997E3F-92CC-40B5-B745-BB5F39368998.jpeg

    I really like sauge against the blue bag :smile:
  3. Haha - I was posting on my phone from a crowded train and thought I was in "scarf of the day" LOL. Well, at least this thread is appropriate.
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  4. I'd use that beauty every day too -- love the color!
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  5. Gorgeous!! Do you hav a closeup of your box b? Also is it a recent purchase? Love it!
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  7. :biggrin::heart:thank you
  8. Is it the 25 or mini sized? Thanks! love the bag...
  9. Here you go! It’s two-toned: blue indigo and cyclamen, I believe. The bag is from early 2000s :smile:

  10. 25
    Love this size, mini is really too small for my needs and thanks :smile:
  11. Omg amazing!! What a unique bag!
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  12. need to brighten my bag and outfit when you will work on a weekend :yucky::eek: 49783423_557237418123200_7684688045873823744_n.jpg
  13. sweet!
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  14. Cookie monster is back...
  15. Lovvvvvvve this loves!!!! You make me list for the cherche midi. It never ends!
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