Your Hermes in action!

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  1. Finally got my act together and switched my c18 out. Literally been using c18 for almost 10 weeks straight. Anyone else as lazy as I am about bag rotation?

  2. lovely bag and dress! i get lazy too! my black K25 is my default go-to bag!
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  3. i love the shades of grey!

    shawl looks beautiful on you!

    you are the epitome of elegance xiangxiang!! that Iris B is to die for!!!!

    LOL i love it!!! i hope your date happens soon! you look so stylish and chic, any man would be lucky to have you on his arm

    lovely scarf!
  4. omg this bag is to die for!

    love the casual look!
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  5. Hermes Carre Club Los Angeles


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  6. Oooh, Sooooo very sweet of you to share the IG link with me (and others that are twilly challenged)! Thank you! :hugs: Yes, I will look at the tutorial and I too shall conquer the world of tying twillies properly! Thank you so much! :hbeat:
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  7. Woooww, you look soooo put together, xiangxiang0731!:loveeyes: Love how your gorgeous B matches your scarf!, and the dress looks absolutely smashing on you! :loveeyes::heart:
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  8. I’ve been neglecting my Bs, especially this soufre B30 epsom GHW! Forgot how much I love it

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  12. OMG, that dress with your B! Perfect match! Gorgeous! :loveeyes:
  13. Your B is gorgeous! I'm so happy that you've rotated your bag!:heart: LOOOOVE your outfit too!
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  14. Gorgeously put together diane278! Love your outfit with your lovely Verrou! AND no traces of crumbs on your shirt! If it was me, it would be everywhere! :lol:
  15. OMG~~~~ Definitely a great date night outfit! You look hhhhhhhhhhot~~~!:loveeyes::tup: