Your Hermes in action!

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  1. I never would have thought I could use such a small bag to go on an errand run. I do keep a tote in the car for the smaller things I gather while I’m out. But, truth be told, even when I carry a larger bag, some things still tend pile up in my car....along with the crumbs from my croissant, which I absolutely must eat while I do errands. It’s a tradition....
  2. Today 20181108_135612.jpg
  3. Today's outfit with iris B35 and Hermes dress, 70cm scarf, Kyoto Tresse pendant (and bracelet not seen in picture).
  4. Thanks for the help! My bag is bright radioactive orange, and the silver twilly is still just a thought. Might as well keep it like this for now & wait for the perfect one to come by...
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  5. Very nice! And will always love the iris birkin!
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  6. Love your dragonflies scarf! I have the pale blue one. This one is perfect with your bag!
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  7. Trying on an outfit for date night. Not sure when this date night will be, but it’s best to be prepared. Just in case. :rolleyes:

    Kelly noir 28 GHW and Neo booties
    8995FA09-42BC-4322-96A0-3190C7FA6C56.jpeg B8CABEA5-101B-422C-AC55-668960BA1327.jpeg
  8. Is the pale blue one with lavender in it? If so that's the CW that "got away" for me. I was looking for it too late and it was all sold out.
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  9. Thank you! Lol! Good advice! ;)
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  10. Yes!
  11. Gorgeous day to be out and you are matchy matchy today.
  12. Will never go wrong with black. You look amazingly chic and the K28 and boots are just compliments to your good taste.
  13. I would love to have bought this one also, you lucky girl! Looking so good on you!
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  14. Thank you, chkpfbeliever!
  15. Thank you!