Your Hermes in action!

  1. I thought it was!!! I :heart: that’s on my wish list for 2018:smile:Thank you for sharing!:tup:
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  2. Such a lovely Bolide!
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  3. Aw thank you! I love thick scarves in solid colors so this one was singing to me in the store! I just wish it was black or a darker grey like graphite type of grey. Would love to see yours! (scarves and C!) :nuts::heart:
  4. You look fabulous.
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  6. Never could get tired of seeing your bag! Great pic.
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  7. Ready to go with my Halzan and Galop shawl!

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  8. Thank you dear! xx
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  9. I would love more solid colour next year, like a magenta or nice red! I’ve seen a deep navy one, it looks nice to wear with black.
    D92EA10C-7934-4041-AD78-B301F65902E3.jpeg 032F3B9E-BA09-438F-93BB-E5B429C45685.jpeg
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  10. LOVE IT ALL! The jacket with the tie is lovely! Where is it from? I tried a very lightweight coat from H Munich recently, it looks like a similar texture. The scarves and C look great on you! I love the French baguette shot.
  11. Thank you! The black coat is from Max Mara Sport Max line. I like it at lot, and it has a playful twist.
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  13. Tapis Persans 140cm silk, with matching lipstick Tropicalia by Pat McGrath

  14. A2060F8A-BC71-44FA-8BD1-47772466C98B.jpeg
    Tyger Tyger, H boots and belt and B30.
  15. Oh thanks! :P
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