Your Hermes in action!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Thank you my dear friend! :heart:

    The coat is good ol' Zara. Best 79euro (on sale) I've ever spent. :nuts: It's been hard finding a plain black coat with black fur hood and silver zippers, everything seems to be ghw! I pounced when I found this! I look forward to being your bag twin!
  2. Whaaaat..??? Zara?? it's really perfect on you ....
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  3. Contance 18 Noir PHW
  4. It is also really warm without making me overheat. I love it!
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  5. Evie stuffed to capacity at the airport with me, waiting to board our flight. IMG_1515786034.204549.jpg
  6. Very pretty! And safe travels!
    I just got an Evelyne and I can't wait to travel with it, I know it will be perfect for that :tup:
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  7. Thank you!!! Wow that is a great deal for a coat that really looks good on you!!!!
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  8. Thank YOU! :heart:
  9. Love the colour of your Evie:heart:Could you tell me what colour it is exactly?! Hope you have a good flight!
  10. I hope you guys aren't getting sick of seeing my etoupe yet! It's the only bag I've brought on my holiday travels. Last trip before heading home: Boston :smile:
    Spreading some happiness with this giant 'HAPPY' sign. Happy Friday everyone~

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  11. Today in the city. It was a very cold day!

    Sorry for the C24 overload!

    66FD5AE4-4482-4AE8-8F04-99FF4482EAA4.jpeg 964EC00F-EC57-4E1E-B8BF-EA9CA4050980.jpeg C6FCACF9-0427-463E-B173-DE531DAAFE42.jpeg 94AB008F-E3C4-488E-9C26-0EBD13878369.jpeg
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  12. Never tired of etoupe! Happy Friday babe!
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  13. I got this exact same scarf last year, and it’s my favourite of all Hermes scarves! So in love with it, I bought another one in pink this year. You look awesome in all the pics! Never get tired looking at that C!
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  14. Thank you! Arrived safely It’s bleu agate! Evie really is the perfect travel bag.
  15. At second row of car seats IMG_20180113_170659.jpg

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