Your Hermes in action!

  1. Ms BI GP with me on a work trip

    Glad to have brought her along as I was able to fit my notes, Surface Pro and all necessity in and saved me the hassle of bringing another laptop bag.
  2. Love the GP and the scarf is SO beautiful Great picture! there’s something peaceful about it ....
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  3. Thank you! I did indeed :smile:
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  6. Oh man I'm going to Copenhagen soon :smile: Didn't know there was Hermes at the airport haha
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  7. I love your accessorizing of the picotin!
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  8. Thank you dear! xx
  9. Two of my fav cafes in Munich and mountain trip with C24

    590D8C62-EE85-4453-A4B9-A026BB72524D.jpeg 2DC82BFD-C77E-4E29-A146-EB830D837669.jpeg FC4AAD05-1C21-4ABF-A77B-60E64D2E1D88.jpeg 20919AC9-17E3-4A59-AE45-0838D7AC87D8.jpeg 3043902F-2210-42BA-8C90-48D3BF54AB50.jpeg 0677D438-E57D-4FA8-8868-5F2D0E0F3C62.jpeg
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  11. 9170CB48-8793-4E38-8F6C-84223F92C912.jpeg DE5B3AA0-F303-4A2A-8F40-2190222FDBB7.jpeg Barenia Rose Gold CDC in action with my Halzan. Happy Friday!
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  14. Thx! Happy Friday my dear! :heart:
  15. Love how the scarf matches and the pop of color from your charm.