Your Hermes in Action!!

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  1. beautiful Bag, scarf and outfit.
  2. Your outfit is lovely and the Kelly is divine! :smile:

  3. This is so cool. Your spiked phone cover is really different!

    Gorgeous! Your making me regret passing on the pink version of your jersey silk! I too enjoy using jerseys as layered tops. You look perfect!

    Amazing again!
    BREATH-taking...and you have beautiful skin and your photography is inspiring!
  4. wow your iphone cover ROCKS maychai!!! :rochard:

    i hope you don't take this the wrong way icook... but i'm in love with you :loveeyes: :biggrin:

    love this casual look!

    you look so beautiful wei!!!
  5. i thought this sign was funny... good thing i wasn't wearing any gator items :lol:
    Graphite/BdR B30 and white GHW CDC

    later on ditched my B for a sunset walk on the beach with the pups
  6. Waaah! Beautiful photography of a beautiful lady!:loveeyes:
  7. i'm sorry i didn't get a chance to respond to everyone in the previous thread but i can't anymore since it's closed, but thank you gymangel and LQYB for your nice words!

    maychai - LOVED your accessories to the Snow White movie, especially your ring!

    icook - i think you need the silver CDC :graucho:
  8. Carlinha-you ALWAYS look so pretty and perfectly tan....and your H collection is amazing!
  9. Thank you carlinha! Your birkin looks totally chic on you!!:smile:
    Hi glamourbag! Thank you! Funny thing, but my skin was totally breaking out in Hawaii, it was way too humid :p
    Thank you thimp, you're too kind!
  10. This is too funny! If you had been I dont think they would be too happy with you! Haha! Anyway, you look stunning as usual! Cute with a ponytail
  11. Carlinha, funny sign and that shade of pink looks good on you.

    Inspired by lala, I tried a new method of playing with my scarves. This is feux d'artifice, twisted, knotted and worn with wooden and horn scarf rings. Off to work!
    IMG_3925.jpg IMG_3922.jpg
  12. Is that a Lakis I spy?! :drool::drool:
  13. Beautiful as always!!
  14. Very pretty!
  15. Gorgeous!
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Not open for further replies.