Your Hermes in Action!!

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  1. Black alligator CDC with 30 cm alezan birkin in my left hand. Right arm which is wrapped around top New York brass has a cape cod watch with double wrap black band.

    You'll have to trust me on the ones that are out of sight.

    Cuomo 15Aug2012u.JPG
  2. That's a nice simple but very elegant look, love the shape and style of the dress.

    The obscured area comes out on my screen as if i've just scribbled on it with a permanent marker, so realistic i actually put my finger on it :p
  3. Birkinette, Mirabellesmile, bagladyseattle, Carlinha, Audreylita- fab pictures!!
  4. I have been out of action for such a long time :smile:
    Finding direction in my life... Haha
    Anyways heres me in bbk sellier 32 ghw, black rivale ghw, black Clic H ghw & H belt.
    Everyone looks sooo good I'm inspired to contribute too!
  5. Joelynkzh, gorgeous! You look v sleek and toned! Nice Kelly too! :biggrin:

    Audreylita, as usual, very elegant look.
  6. I LOVE this. Nothing like a yummy smooshy Birkin. Ahhh....
  7. Joelynkzh-love the kelly bag!
  8. You always look stunning! Love the outfit :smile: That CDC is gorgeous!
  9. You wear the SB very well! And it's stunning in Iris :smile:
  10. You look great!! Thanks for sharing
  11. Very classy look :smile: Drooling over your CDC!!
  12. :wave: U look gorgy C!!!!

  13. You wear it well. :tup:

    slouchy but with such class!
  14. love your pics all the time. This is another reason why. that clutch is eye catching!

    beautiful as you always are. it's nice to see you around here again.

  15. AH... the CDC TDF !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.