Your Hermes in Action!!

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  1. This is one hot shot :supacool:! :tup:
  2. Thank you for your lovely and attentive comment, dear Glamourbag :flowers:
    Thank you Kat :winkiss: The kaftan is by Sita de Vesci. I bought it from Vivre quite a while ago...I know you perform a genius search and hope you can find something like this :smile:
    You are too kind, Jadeite. Thank you :smile:!
    Thank you, dear POODLGRL, Millicat and Mikeyta! Your generous and kind comments do make a girls day :flowers::flowers::flowers: I wish you have a great one :sunshine:
    Hi Chincac :drinkup: Thank you so much and I never miss your beautiful shots - such a treat!
  3. Thank you, your Kaftan is as beautiful as you:hugs:
  4. Hotness:p

    (your shoulders look fantastic).
  5. :biggrin:
    THANKS LADIES!!! :hugs::kiss:
  6. Loving the lindy and your sandal! looking greatt :smile:

    Love your summer clothes and of course the celine. :smile: ;)
  7. Cute for work.

    Gotta admit i was first distracted by your cleavage. :biggrin:
  8. LOL! So true! Gorgeous pic, mlemee!
  9. thanks glamour! those sandals are one of my comfiest heels i own :smile:
  11. Fabulous! Your Celine bag is gorgeous!

    Great outfit, BLS! I absolutely love the way you mix high-end fashions with bargain pieces! You are a true fashionista!

    You look wonderful, Aminamina!
  12. Thanks lady, it's a bright color :cool:
  13. great photo! love the polish on your toes! :graucho:
  14. your clic clac is stunning, your Celine is stunning, but most of all you are stunning!!
  15. Beautiful!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.