Your Hermes in Action!!

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  1. love this pic! the sepia colouring makes it very special.
  2. thumbs up! bright bold colours on a pretty day.
  3. thank you reneeleroy! :smile:
  4. Very cute look. I like your pink Chanel too...reminds me of my fuchsia one I sold a while back...and making me regret it.
    You look so so so stylish here. Hat is a fabulous and chic addition to your whole look. Not many look so good in hats. You do!!!!

    That dress is perfect on you. I love the cut and the color is perfect - smoking hot!!!!!!!!!:loveeyes:
    Very nice look
  5. Wow, you look AMAZING! Love this look :smile:
  6. IcookIeatIshop - You and your gfs look so cute with the H bags. Lunch must have been sharing H intelligence !!
  7. Hot hot hot! Love how you wear your belt! And that silver cdc!!! Fabulous!

  8. This is just so cute! I love the pictures :biggrin:
  9. B&W rainy day outfit: AW top, DKNY jeans, Nine West shoes, SM tote, with Ombré KDT and horse necklace by ShangXia, Hermes' collaboration in China
    image-2070181254.jpg image-3384126069.jpg
  10. I like the necklaces!!
  11. Day out shopping with my gold 32 Kelly and white clic clac with ghw. Thanks for letting me share :smile:
    image-3344643381.jpg image-3068205278.jpg
  12. well matched.

    first time i've seen the collaboration pieces. thanks for sharing.
  13. Very elegant color combo!
  14. Your tee shirt is very pretty with that coloured neckline :smile:
  15. Ahhh that orange box!!! :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.