Your Hermes in Action!!

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  1. Continued from here ... !
  2. [​IMG]
    My spiked iPhone cover,CDC bracelet ,ring and silk bracelet ✌
    Thank you for letting me share❤
  3. maychai76 : Your BE K is beautiful, love it:smile:
  4. I like your watch. Audemars Piguet?
  5. IcookIeatIshop : Lovely orange K and nice oran sandals....u look great:smile:
  6. christymarie340 : Babe, u look fabulous and nice bolide 35 B:smile:
  7. Interesting iphone case, it looks fierce...hehe

    Nice watch u have, what brand is it?;)
  8. LOVE your iphone cover! And everything else of course :smile:
  9. LOVE the iPhone cover! :p
  10. so cool your iphone cover!! and your BE K is so pretty too..
  11. Thanks LQYB,Celia,closetoreal &loves for the sweet words:hugs::heart::smooch::cloud9::heart:I did get lots of compliments on my BE kelly and the spiked iPhone cover today:peace:
    My watch is indeed Audemars Piguet Namie:hugs:
    Thanks Chincac,I love your recent action pictures too.You look so young and lively:heart:
  12. Oh what a cool iPhone cover! I´ve never seen one like that!:p
  13. Out to lunch with gfs: H jersey scarf as top, A/X pants, CL espadrilles, sanguine lizzie CDC & 28K in orange Togo
  14. Luv the grunge rock look machai76! A bit of spike, studs and stackings can be super-fun!

    IcookIeatshop, drop-dead gorgeous!:ps:
  15. fabulous!! that's a head turner outfit for sure, j'adore!:smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.