Your Hermes in action

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  1. I thought it might be fun to post pictures of ourselves carrying our bags, wearing our scarves, riding on our saddles or in Lolo's case; using our Hermes whips (j/k).

    The question of "what can I wear with... (insert Hermes color or bag style)" is often asked here. This gives us an idea of different outfit combos to use with various colors and to see Hermes dressed up or dressed down. Additionally, it gives Japster some fantastic eye-candy to look at.

    I will be cropping out my Mcfug mug and feel free to do the same for privacy purposes if you like.
  2. japster, here's me wearing my kimono dress with my vert anis birkin with twilly :

    paul and joe for target kimono dress
    tory by trb reva ballet slippers
    vert anis 35 birkin togo with PH
    bohu tohu (correct?) twilly in black
    antique locket charm necklace
  3. Drool!!!!^^
  4. Patz: Love that dress...wanted to get one, don't know if there are anymore in the stores.

    YOU LOOK GREAT...THE BAG LOOKS GREAT....and Thanks!:yahoo:
  5. thank NHL, they may still have it at i have the black and teal one too. this dress was great last summer and now pair it with boots and it's perfect for fall! i love it!
  6. Looking good Pazt!!! :yes:
  7. ^^Pazt, I love how you put together the whole outfit - shoes/jewelry/shoes. Tres chic!
  8. You look fab Pazt! I just got those exact same Revas--s/b shipped to me this week! Excellent taste!
  9. Pazt- Love that outfit!! You make me REALLY want a Vert anis bag.

    Here is my Sapphire in action

    #1 Old Navy Henley, Target Cardigan :lol:
    Gap Jeans
    Hermes Bleu Sapphire Birkin 35cm

    #2 Old Navy top (on sale for $10) & cardigan
    GAP Jeans HERMES 35cm Saphire Birkin in Clemence
    HIN1.jpg HIN2.jpg
  10. I love this idea....can't wait to see more pics.

    I think you guys have already seen this but it's all I've got for now......:sad:

    Croc & me in Levi's and a white cotton Facannable shirt and I think pearls.
    Kelly Elan & me in Levi's and a black cashmere sweater with my Cartier Trinity bangle.
    HAC & me in Levi's (notice a trend here?) and a black cashmere turtle-neck.
    crocsf2.jpg Elan&me1.jpg HAC&me.jpg
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  11. #1 BCBG Dress, Louboutin "Orlatos"
    Hermes 35cm Rouge Garance Birkin

    #2 GAP top & Sweater Vest
    JCREW boyfriend Jeans
    35cm Rouge Garance Birkin
    HIN3.jpg HIN4.jpg
  12. Pazt!!!! ur killing me with that gorgeous vert anis bag of urs!! I WANT ONE TOO!!!! it looks freaking awesome with ur outfit and perfectly matches ur shoes!!!

    shopmom, u look so elegant. ur outfits are the perfect backdrop to ur stunning bags.

    japster: i see u have a love for colors and it suits u really well!

    keep it coming ladies!!!
  13. Everyone looks HOT! I'll start the frumpster category in a few hours here when I get DH to take a still in my PJs right now.
  14. Me too, Orchids! Sunday mornings I'm in my pj's 'til about NOON!!!! Take in the NY Times, sit with a few cuppa Joes and log onto tPF! Next thing I know, it's time for LUNCH!!!!
  15. I'm dragging my feet on getting ready...wish I could stay in my PJs for a few more hours, but will be heading out to service soon. It's the only time in the week where I'm not running around in polarfleece, jeans, and a diaper bag, so hopefully I'll be able to cop a Birkin-worthy pose!
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