Your Hermes Christmas Wish


Aug 28, 2006
^ of course!

Wouldn't you love tonnes of the wee size ones to hang all over? OR....just a tower of BIG Boxes????


Reality - I'll probably have ONE Orange Box under the tree this year, but ANY orange is good!
LOL, both???

I think those boxes for cadenas, bracelets, etc would look great on the branches, but the big boxes under the tree would complement so nicely. ;)

Oooooooh, an orange box as in BIG, and something inside that's new??? :tup:


Nov 21, 2006
Nice trees, gals! Doesn't Orange go well with green? (Except money, it seems you have to exchange the green money for the orange boxes...)

The question is, what is your H Christmas wish? If you could have just one item for Christmas/Hanukkah/Your Holiday from H-- and keep in mind your family, friends, DH or SO could read this, hehe!-- what would it be?
I think I'd really like a Chaine d'Ancre necklace.

I know, one item, it should be a gorgeous bag right?

Okay, if it could be a gorgeous bag, I'd like a constance in Graphite Croc with a Rose Gold hammered buckle.

There! I said it!


Happy Holidays!


He is Risen
Jun 19, 2006
since i picked out the gift my husband will get me for my birthday in less than 2 weeks...and my christmas present...its in its box and I can't open it. dang it.

I just hope to find the Texas Wildlife scarf for a better price than what i have seen in the darker colorways! dang it.

that is what i hope for.

but my H Christmas is over with that box DH Got me that i can't have till dec 7th!


Aug 28, 2006
Hmmm...I think I am done... Unless a cannot-be-resisted opportunity comes my way... Will be away this year...
Away in a destination that has H or no H?

If H, then there could well be an impromptu gift in the offing. One never knows with these things. Whether a "from SCL from Mr SCL" or a "to SCL from SCL", it doesn't matter. ;)