Your Hermes Christmas Wish

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  1. Okay, ladies, so here's the bag fiend's dream tree-- or the H lover's dream tree, however you want to put it :graucho: I couldn't resist piling H boxes under my tree. I get a thrill every time I look at it.



    The question is, what is your H Christmas wish? If you could have just one item for Christmas/Hanukkah/Your Holiday from H-- and keep in mind your family, friends, DH or SO could read this, hehe!-- what would it be?

    For me, a Birkin. Any birkin, really, would make me happy. Rouge, Blue Jean, Black, I don't care, just a Birkin! I'm not picky, Santa...
  2. I LOVE Christmas Wish Lists!

    OK, I'd like my SO to arrive

    A 30cm Lagon Birkin

    A mini be-bop

    Here's another tree for you, this was mine last year.....
  3. Beautiful Tree! :tup:

    Santa already brought me a gorgeous red Goyard wallet so I am not gonna ask for more! :yahoo: (but some Hermes perfume or a cadena or a scarf would be icing on the cake!)
  4. WOW GF! Talk about an H-lover's dream!
  5. LOL - it was all stuff I already had - no giftees!!!!

    I'll do another pic this year, we just put the tree up, but haven't thrown the decorations on, yet.
  6. My wish is that my Christmas tree would look like GF's with a gazillion orange boxes under it :nuts:
  7. Holy Crap :wtf:


    Lol, I only asked for a Hermessence Ambre Narguile because I'm obsessed with that scent right now, can't get enough of it.
  8. I SECOND THAT! :tup:
  9. LMAO - OK, you've inspired me to do another pic....give me an hour or so....!
  10. Wow! Great trees RBB and GF! I don't aspire to that level of greatness! If I could wish for anything? A poor beat up Kelly that I discover in some hidden corner and needs a loving home. I could "adopt" it and clean her up and give her the love she's been needing...

    ...awww... like the little matchgirl...only with a bag and a happy ending!
  11. Nice photos! It's starting to feel like Christmas!
  12. I don't really have the luxury of wishing for anything this year :smile:
    So I wish for all of you ladies on here to have something magical happen this holiday season :heart:
    That would bring me true joy!
  13. Man!!! You should send this picture to Hermes......
    I doubt their tree will look anything like yours.
  14. LOL - I just said to DD "quick! We need to decorate the Tree!" "get some Orange Boxes!".

    Here's a pic of our 10 minute effort...

    Oh, and S, I'm not trying to steal your thunder, your tree is so much nicer! Taking pics like this just cracks me up 'cause I email them to my DH to scare the crap out of him!!!!!
    Xmas07.JPG Xmas072.JPG
  15. Orange and green;my favorite colour combination!