Your Hermès as Art - Post Photos

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  1. While the mice are asleep:yes: the cat loves to play:graucho:

    I have incorporated my love for photography and all things Hermes.:heart: and thought if would be a fun thread to see the things we love shown in a creative way.

    If you have some creative pictures that you have taken- lets share. I would love to see them.
    Pretty in Pink.jpg Birkin.jpg Kelly #892.jpg
  2. :coolpics:Amamxr !
    Thanks for sharing:flowers: !!!
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink. :heart: So chearful and well put together. :girlsigh:
    Your thread is so timely. I wanted to show some more of the artsy pics I took of some things yesterday, so thank you! :tup:

    bellatpf-13.jpg bellatpf-12.jpg bellatpf-14.jpg bellatpf-10.jpg
  4. Bella-:yahoo::yahoo: I love your pictures!!:heart:

    Please keep em coming!!
  5. My Kelly watch- turned negative
    Negative Hermes Watch.jpg
  6. This isn't one of mine - it's PennyD2911's.

    I've always loved it though!
  7. Gorgeous! Both of yours..:girlsigh:Amamxr~ I want to know the specs of what is IN your Birkin avatar?? Gorgeous!!!

    I will take some artsy photos (I have been dying too, but after my birthday as DH said he bought me something special:graucho:)

    I is my favorite of mine thus far. Sun is out..I will try!:tup:
    MSKellyBJ 008.jpg
  8. I wish I had more to photograph. It wasn't until I looked through the lens at the togo and clemence leathers how especially wonderful they are. From a photographic point of view, they reflect light in the most beautiful way. :love:
    Ostrich would also be a spectacular subject. :girlsigh:
  9. I love the bright Hermes colors. Bella - I like your signature; how do you get the thumbnails to cycle?
  10. It's not the most artistic but I do like this pic. It looks as if Hippo is walking. :p
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  11. I love that pic. A little hippo out on a sunny days walk. :biggrin:
  12. This is the best I can do with the lighting..I hope you like it. I love the hippo!
    DEC2007 004.jpg DEC2007 006.jpg
  13. :tup: Love all the pics!! :heart:
    IMG_4408.jpg IMG_4407.jpg
  14. Stunning photos! You should freelance for Le Monde!