Your HERMES & Air Travel....what do you do?

  1. Ladies, what do most of you do with your H bags as you check in thru the airports? Do you put them in your sleepers or other bags ( I've seen some nice ones here ) in order to check them through, then remove them on the 'other side??'

    Do the airline people look thru your handbags? If you let your Hermes go thru the X ray machine in it's sleeper and then your remove it, do the airlines still want you to open it and do they inspect it or is the X ray the only "Hermes bag inspection" I'll have to go through?

    I'm wondering whether to risk carrying a box leather Hermes or just use my grained leather.....I don't want it banged up.....

    I'm asking about within the US domestic flights..

    Thank You!
  2. i always bring my raisin clemence bag when i travel. it's dark and it's grained. i always grab a bucket at the x-ray to put it into, but i've had horrible security people take it out and throw it on the conveyor belt and in that instant i always want to sock them but i'm also concentrating on dd and the process, etc. so i have to surrender. i would not travel with box maybe, and i would not travel with a light colored bag because a big factor in my being able to accept the treatment of my bag is knowing that it comes out looking 100% fine. i think using a longchamp over the bag is a fine idea, but i don't have the patience to mess with a single additional thing when i'm traveling, lol, so i take my bag straight. i've never had my bag searched
  3. I've had my bag searched. I was carrying blunt nosed baby scissors/clippers and the ex-ray flagged my bag. The person was wearing gloves but they weren't fresh gloves. Now I make a point to not have anything remotely sharp just in case.
  4. I wouldn't carry box onto the plane. It would just get too banged up. For this purpose I have a 45cm togo Birkin as a carry-on. You'll probably be horrified to know I kick it under the chair.
  5. I agree with Hermesgroupie about not carrying box. Stick with something more durable.

    I always stick my birkin in a plastic bin with my sweater/jacket underneath. Ditto to not carrying anything sharp or potentially checkable.
  6. Isus - I'll let you know in April - LOL! Actually, I'm with HG, I'm not bringing my box Kelly for that reason, and the fact it RAINS in NY in April!
  7. ISUS: Your question reminds me of a horrible thing happened to me and my husband a couple of months ago. We were on a ALASKA AIRLINES flight from JFK to LAX. The flight attendants are weird. We were sitting in the first class and there is plenty of room for my croc birkin right next to me on the arm rest. That's what I always do when i travel (i do travel quite often) and I don't feel it's dangerous by any means. The flight attendant on that flight came to me and try to take my birkin and put it under my seat. Hell no.... I said to her: "it's ok here I can hold it". But she insisted and acted like it's a big deal like my birkin will knock the plane down or something. We argued for about 5 minutes. There is a lady holding a baby behind me and I said "oh she can hold a baby in her armes and I cannot hold my purse?" I don't understand. She threatened us that if I don't put my purse underneath the seat she will have the pilot return back to the airport, at that time the plane was cruising. At the end I gave up and have her put it up. I have been on so many flights and I have never had this kind of thing happened to me. Just wanted to share with you.
  8. Pilage it baby. I had a great experience 2 years ago. Took a red eye and the security woman had nothing better to do than examine everying I had in my handbag which happened to be my 25cm vert anis Birkin. I nearly lost my temper with her because she was really pulling at the bag. I could have cared less about her pawing her way thru my cosmetics pouch. She was looking for the offender that was lighting up her screen. She finally decided it was the metal cap on my lip gloss. Ridiculous! As the DH pointed out, it didn't happen on the return trip and it was in the same place.
  9. ^Another poster stated that she puts the bag on her lap and covers it with a blanket. Try that in future.
  10. ^ or you can put it behind your legs and cover your legs with a blanket. After the plane takes off, you can put it on your lap! :graucho:
  11. For the HAC and the Kelly, I put them in a travel bag before they go thru the belt.

    I just let my Victoria II or Evelyne (both in clemence) go naked.
  12. Hi Deedeeps,

    I just have to comment on your post - having worked as a Flight Attendant for many years, I just wanted to point out that (at Qantas, at least) we are required to have passengers stow their "loose" luggage in a fairly secure place - for instance, under the seat in front of them - in case of it dislodging during takeoff and landing and flying around the cabin. It's a safety precaution, not a petty thing the Attendants do to annoy you. The baby is allowed to travel on it's carers lap, and is provided with a small seatbelt for the exact same reason, so it won't fly around the cabin. You may have been allowed in the past to travel with you bag sitting up on the arm of your chair, but let me tell you, it's a rare airline that would allow that, and I daresay it was an oversight on the Attendants part.

    If you have ever (and I hope you don't )been in an aircraft that is having such extreme turbulance that loose luggage is hitting the roof and flying around the cabin (and I have) you wouldn't have a problem stowing your bag away. It wouldn't survive the experience very well, I'm afraid.
  13. i've traveled with my box birkin SEVERAL times (at least once a month) with no problems. prior to sending it thru the xray machine, i always put it in its sleeper. no one has ever checked my bag. once it's gone thru to the other side of the xray, i remove it out of its sleeper. pretty easy. then when on the plane, i put it back in its sleeper, tuck it behind my legs, and throw a blanket over my lap to conceal it from the flight attendants.
  14. I feel safest with my black clemence Birkin. I lay it on its side on the conveyor belt and grab it as soon as it comes out of the x-ray machine. I set it on the floor of the plane behind my calves and put a blanket over my lap to distract the flight attendants.