Your helped needed on emeralds....

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  1. Hey everyone...

    It happened yet again.....out of the blue...while just looking around in my local jewler....the most exquisite diamond and emerald bracelet...

    The price is a bit high for me and I dont know too much about emeralds....any thoughts, infos you could share with me??

    Its a two row, one being diamond and the other emerald with a center design.....sorry, I dont have any pics...its being held for me as Im not convinced yet.

    Is emeralds rare or particular valuable compared to other colored stones like a sapphire? As I dont see alot of them around, I dont have any clue...whats the color range suppost to be?? Help!!!!!!!!:smile:
  2. I have a beautiful emerald and diamond ring, but I don't know much about the stones themselves. Although, they are my absolute favorite colored gemstone.

    I do know that they are somewhat fragile and can crack a lot easier than sapphires and diamonds so I don't wear my every day.

    It sounds like the bracelet you have on hold is gorgeous! Hope you get it!
  3. Here's a link to a great informative

    The site doesn't talk about pricing, but it does have a lot of information.
  4. I have an emerald tennis bracelet DH bought as a wedding gift for me. I wanted an emerald as an engagement ring & then changed my mind when the broker called me about my diamond.
    I love my bracelet, its gorgeous but don't wear it often cause I know of the fragility of emeralds. I think yours with the diamonds, you'd wear more. Good luck!
  5. Thank you very much!!

    Im going on it now to do some research!!

  6. Your bracelet sounds divine....Im kinda disappointed to hear that emeralds are so fragil.....although the bracelet Im looking at has the stones set where its encased in gold all the way around...I forgot what this setting was called...

    Such a hard decision.....:crybaby:
  7. It might be called a bezel setting. I think as long as you didn't wear it everyday and saved it for special occasions or going out to dinner it would be fine. Because of their delicate nature, emeralds are all the more special IMO.

  8. I agree that it is a special stone indeed. It made my whole arm come never had that feeling with any other

    thanks you guys, after I visit some other jewlers that Im familar with to compare pricing....Im pretty set in getting it and put a down on it to hold for now.

    anyone have any pics of their collections of emeralds by the way??
  9. It sounds just lovely! I completely understand how it made you feel. There's nothing like an emerald to really dazzle you!

    I don't know how to post pictures, but if I can get my husband to help me, I'll show you a picture of my ring.
  10. That would be just lovley!!!!
  11. Emeralds are beautiful! Yes fragile compared to say a diamond but should be OK in a bracelet u don't wear ever day. I was warned Tanzanite was fragile as well - but I have a pretty big rock of that in a ring that's not been delicately worn & it's completely fine. Emeralds are harder than tanz & a bracelet doesn't get as abused as a ring usually. I say go for it!!
  12. I agree, emeralds are beautiful, my birthstone. I have a few pieces my mother gave me, but don't wear them much. I have heard they are the most valuable gemstone, more valuable than diamonds, and pretty well impossible to find big ones (1+ carats) without inclusions.
  13. I love tanzanite too! I've only seen a few pieces at Bailey Banks and Biddle, but the color is so intense and deep. Tiffany's has only one piece on their website and I haven't seen it in any other stores. Do you know a good source for it?
  14. I bought mine around 7 years ago or so - custom made from a jeweler I found online in CA. They actually had a cushion cut tanz ring up on eBay I was in love with but was too big for me (was like 5 carats & I have small fingers) so I had them size down for me to around 3.5 - it cost WAY less than that T & Co pendant - and it's in platinum w/diamonds with a much bigger stone. I can't find them anymore - I looked a few yrs ago & couldn't find them again - they used to have an online website. But definitely shop around - that pendant is WAY overpriced - but of course it's Tiffany! Tanzanite is my all time favorite gemstone.
  15. Hi - I'm a collector of jewellery :wtf: I love Emeralds but as has been said above it can easily crack - especially if you get it near hot water. It's not a gem to wear everyday unless you treat it with respect. The setting of your bracelet sounds like bezel set which WILL give some protection. If it's made your arm come alive then that's the best reason I've ever heard to buy it. If you love it then buy it! Here's a picture of one of my Emerald rings. It's very unusual because it's 1.5ct with only one tiny inclusion! My main collection though is Tanzanite, Alexandrite, Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamonds!