Your help will be appreciated

  1. Hello. I have been looking at everyone's photos of their Prada Nappa Gauffre Antic in Brown (E/W style worth 2450) and I'm planning to buy one. It is not available online anymore. Could someone pls. let me know where I could purchase one? Thanks so much....
  2. which bag is this? any pic/s?
  3. Hi bagpunk it's i've seen 2 of those in the Prada photos thread posted by jill. audrey has one, too.
  4. ah, the gauffre nappa, not the antic cervo deer skin ya? i think prada boutique here in singapore may have one, but not sure if they ship overseas. have you tried NM? there is this lady called christinie who can be found at the MJ forum who was very helpful in assisting me order the antic cervo from NM (i believe she works there) which i think is also is no longer available online (but i had a change of heart, looking at hobo-tote antic cervo so no longer sure of the satchel but still cant make up my mind). she might be able to help. i think she may be in the prada/miumiu forum too.
  5. Hi bagpunk. They didn't have the brown gauffre anywhere (Prada stores or any Prada outlets). Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it.

  6. ^ CAll SADA at MY Broadway Prada store..she finds the hard to get bags..I got ALL my Gauffres from her..tell her Jill sent ya..she'll help you.
  7. Hi Jill, thanks for your advice. I already did but Sada said that they're all sold out. Too bad for me...But I appreciate your help. Thanks.
  8. I know Saks had them in stock( In black)2 days ago..AND ON SALE!

  9. I am looking for the exact colour as shown in the link. I believe its called Cera. Can anyone help?
    I am from Singapore so do you think the SAs mentioned by you ladies above will help someone from overseas? Thanks!
  10. They pop up on bluefly often!