Your help needed (decision making)

  1. Hi everyone, can you help me decide: after reading this forum I am in dilemma :thinking:whether to buy Saffiano 1786 Clay Grey. This would be my first Prada (I am in love with it:love:) but I have one question, I see that some of you had some problems with Prada totes (peel off, stitches) and I plan to go to Italy to get it (which is one day, very long trip) I just want to make sure that the bag is the right choice and worth of it. I have never had problems with LV bags, so I am a bit scared to buy Prada now. Help me decide, please...thnx and sorry if I am off topic or something but would appreciate your opinions:shame:.
  2. I have never had any problems with Prada.
  3. Thnx :smile: which prada do you have? I just wanted some advice, since I thaught so that Prada is a great brand and that there shouldn't be any problems with it, but was confused after reading about some problems girls here have.
  4. I have two Prada Saffiano Lux totes and I am very happy with them. Overall, I think the quality is very good. I can't really comment about how well the bags hold up or last over time because I have only had them for about 5 or 6 months. If you really like the bag you should get one! :p
  5. I've had the saffiano lux 1786 since dec 2011 and have used it quite often. No problems at all.

  6. Thank you for your opinion:smile:After hearing some really nice stuff about Saffiano 1786 today, I think I'm getting it :love:
  7. Thnx for reply:smile: which color do you have? Is it big enough?
  8. i got my mom a red one last sept, she didnt use it very often (she has quite a few LVs, so she switch around very often), so far the bag still look brand new. i think the price i paid and the quality is pretty equal (i live in Asia and i bought the bag when i was in London, so i saved a lot). tbh i wouldnt say the quality is the same as LV, but i still love prada and want a bn2274 so badly! plus, i've heard and experienced the quality dropped of LV, so yea :hrmm:

    i didnt have luck to get a prada with shoulder strap last sept, hopefully they will have stock for colour i want this coming Nov :biggrin:
  9. Yeah for deciding on the Prada. You will love it!
    Enjoy your shopping trip.
  10. Thnx:smile:All of my LV are still in great shape over the years. i have never hand any problems with them so this is what I expect from Prada as well.Especially since I have to go abroad to buy it, because in my country we don't have Prada shop.
    hope you'll get 2274 in color that you want:tup:enjoy it!
  11. Thank you!Can't wait:girlsigh:
  12. I've got the black one. I find it big enough. I can fit a bottle of water, wallet, book, A4 thin folder, umbrella, LV pochette and still have space for a scarf and cardigan.
  13. Congrats! I can't wait to see it when you get it! I hope you love it! :biggrin:
  14. I am a LV lover too, but the illustre pochette I bought last sept kinda disappoint me as my zipper is not shiny anymore and has some kinda of Rusty feel, it happened after I used it for 6 months only (maybe shorter, since I never pay attention till 6months later). Even my sis commented that it looks like some fake stuff :sad: I am going to collect my Palermo from repair soon, I think I will show them my pochette and ask if they can polish it for me :smile:
    I have no idea how long can prada last, but saffiano leather seems more durable. I expect it "live" for years, right now my wallet still look 99% brand new after 9months, so I guess saffiano leather is really worth the money :biggrin:

    Good luck to both of us, hoping to see your reveal soon! :biggrin:
  15. Oh great, then it is quite big enough. Thnx. I'm not very tall (167cm) so I think this would be a perfect size.