Your Help Is Needed On Next Lv Purchase! Urgent!!!




  2. DAMIER SPEEDY 30, Mono Wallet with Zip Pocket and Pochette Cosmetic Case

  3. Damier Speedy 30, Mono Speedy 30, and Pochette Cosmetic Case

  4. Just get the Damier Speedy 30

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  1. :tup:Good Morning Everyone,

    I need your advice. I'm going to LV tomorrow and I know for a fact that I'm going to purchase the LV Damier Speedy 30. Here's where my problem is I don't know whether I should buy the LV Mono Speedy 30 too. Which would mean I would have two Speedy's or should I just get the Damier Speedy and the Mono Wallet with Zip Pocket and the Pochette Cosmetic Case? I already have the BH but I don't have an LV wallet so would be great to have. I love the Mono Speedy and I could always purchase it later and same for the wallet. I have about $1500 dollars to spend.
  2. Since you don't have an LV wallet yet, I think you should buy one ... then you have a wallet for your BH as well. You could always buy the mono speedy later!
  3. Get both Speedies and the case!

  4. Damier Speedy 30 :tup:
  5. Get both speedy bags!!! I have 4 speedy bags and love them to death!! They all have a different look.
  6. Get one speedy at a time - that way you can enjoy and be excited about that one bag before you get another. :smile:
  7. 4 Speedys wow!
  8. I would get both speedies and the cosmetic case--- just get the wallet next! I you will love walking out with so many things.... and I also think the more speedies, the better -- they are a great shape! Post pics when you come home with your goddies !!
  9. i would get the speedy the wallet and the cosmetic case! All you need !
  10. just get the speediessssss...
  11. I voted for the damier speedy, the wallet and the cosmetic case. :tup:
  12. I voted on:
    DAMIER SPEEDY 30, Mono Wallet with Zip Pocket and Pochette Cosmetic Case

    This said, if I were you, rather than buying everything at once, I would just get the Damier Speedy and save the rest of the money for another LV trip for when I want to treat myself... But that's just me :smile:
    Enjoy your purchase :smile:
  13. i voted for the 2 speedies and the cosmetic case. i would rather have another bag than a wallet.
  14. I voted for the 2nd option - The damier speedy, zip wallet and pochette

    This way you have your speedy, matching wallet for you BH and a cute pochette for cosmetics :biggrin: You can always get the mono speedy later and when you do you'll have a matching wallet for that to :biggrin:
  15. Its fun telling other people what to do with there money! Have fun spending! Post some pics when you can.