Your help is appreciated,which one?!

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  1. Hello everyone,I'm a new member here, I would like to hear your recommendation, I know its Chanel forum but I'm between two bags
    Prada Nappa Gaufre Shoulder Bag or the Chanel GST both in black
  2. GST!
    not a fan of italian brand
  3. Most of Chanel leather goods are created in Italy :O)!
    but i also go with a GST :smile:
  4. GST as the Prada, similar to it's nylon sister is quite common and I think I'll get tired of the Gaufre.
  5. Gst!
  6. Hi I have a Prada Gaufre in brown leather & a GST......Personally I would choose the GST because its more of a classic & the leather on the Gaufre is more delicate than Caviar leather....I had a Gaufre wallet to match my bag & it got quite scuffed on the corners.

    Good luck in deciding & if your anything like me you will end up buying both eventually :graucho::graucho:
  7. What's wrong with them being created in Italy :confused1::confused1:
  8. GST all the way!
  9. Thanks ladies ...:smile:
  10. Good point...:lol: :lol::lol: ..thanks
  11. GST... Never been a fan of Prada's gaufre! But I do love their saffiano totes..
  12. GST all the way!
  13. i hv both :smile:
    but i wore gst more often
    Chanel has better 'investment value'
  14. Gst
  15. nothing wrong with made in Italy...just do not like those prada, gucci etc... Italian brand... personal preference. that is all:P